Fit Queen’s Natural Hair Journey

It’s flattering to get a compliment on occasion from friends, your significant other or even a stranger. But when your mom gives you a compliment, it has a different, more laPolaroid-Kerri-and-momsting effect. One of our most loyal Funky Junkies can attest to this truth.

Five years ago, Funky Junky Kerri Swain, a Houstonian and naturalista, washed her hair after a workout. For convenience and ease, she decided to let her hair air dry – something she did seldomly. That same day, her mother visited her and to Kerri’s surprise, she immediately complimented Kerri on how beautiful her natural curls were.

Kerri had been toying with the idea of going natural. So, her mother’s positive words were confirmation that going natural was the right move. Having recently joined a fitness boot camp, she exercised three to four times a week. This workout routine made it difficult to maintain her relaxed styled hair. “I needed a hairstyle that would complement my new lifestyle,” said Kerri. Going natural was a perfect fit.

Deciding to go natural for Kerri was step one. Step two was finding the right products for her natural hair, a rite of passage for all naturalistas. However, a fortuitous request from a relative introduced her to Uncle Funky’s Daughter. Kerri’s cousin asked her to visit the salon in Rice Village to purchase products on her behalf. While at the Uncle Funky’s Daughter salon, Kerri decided to pick up a few of their products to try as well. To her delight, she loved how her tresses responded to Uncle Funky’s Daughter products, sparking the beginning of a natural hair love affair. From there, Kerri began her natural hair journey, and Uncle Funky’s Daughter products would be there every step of the way.

The next stage in her journey was deciding her transition path. “How exactly am I going to go natural when my hair has been relaxed for so long?” Kerri asked herself. She decided to use the Wash ­n’ ­Go method, washing her hair everyday with Uncle Funky’s Daughter products and allowing her hair to air dry. Six weeks later, she discovered that she had nearly an inch of new growth, so it was time for the “Big Chop.” “I went to the salon the next day, and my stylist cut it off…though he was not pleased with my decision to go natural,” she said.

Despite some naysayers, Kerri insists going natural was the best decision she has ever made. “Going natural allowed me to workout whenever I wanted to, without worrying about what to do with my hair. It has also reduced my morning hair routine.” said Kerri. “Going natural has set me free!.”

Kerri's_FavesFive years after finding Uncle Funky’s Daughter products, the love affair continues with Kerri using Uncle Funky’s Daughter products in her morning and nightly routine. Now flaunting a “fro­hawk” (a short and curly afro styled as a mohawk), she uses Midnite Train and Supercurl after washing and then allows her hair to air dry. In the morning, she uses Thirsty Curls, Midnite Train and Extra Butter. Extra Butter is her favorite product because of its ability to define her curls.

Kerri continues to voice her gratitude towards Uncle Funky’s Daughter for taking this journey with her. She has discovered a lot about herself and her hair through this journey.

“With Uncle Funky’s Daughter [online hair quiz], I was able to discover that I have to two different hair types (Type 3c and 4a),” said Kerri. “I have also discovered that I can be a little particular when it comes to a stylist styling my hair.”

In fact, her most recent obstacle has been finding a stylist to maintain her short look while not losing her femininity. Although Kerri believes that going natural was the best decision she has ever made, the transition wasn’t always an easy one. She relates to other women who are experiencing challenges in their natural hair journey and says, “Don’t give up too soon when becoming natural, the light is at the end of the tunnel. Be patient, and you will get to it.”


9 Replies to “Fit Queen’s Natural Hair Journey”

  1. I’m an Uncle Funky Woman. I use the products – every day. I highly recommend them to friends who give me comments on how pretty my hair is.

  2. I just found uncle funky daughter curly magic this year and I am so happy. I love this products, it is so easy to use and does what it says, it’s going to do. Since I am newly natural, BC 11/29/14, I have tried a lot of products. Most of the products did not help and my looked like a dry Afro. I noticed the nurse at my Doctor’s office hair always looked shiny and curly well defined. So I asked what she uses on her hair and she told me uncle funky daughter, curly magic. I went home and goggled it, then I thought how many other products I have that did not work and made a decision to try uncle funky daughter sample that included curly magic. I have made 2 purchase since then.
    I love the curly magic because it easy to use, it makes my curly well define with luster and shine to my hair.
    Thanks for great products

  3. Tracy, your journey is so common for curlistas out there – cabinet full of products that just don’t work for our hair. We are so glad you discovered Uncle Funky’s Daughter. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  4. 2016 Will be 6 yrs as a naturalista and I have no regrets. Like Kerri my biggest issue is finding a stylist that has the capability, and creativity to maintain my short style. At this point I consider the benefit of having short natural hair is that I can try different stylist and barbers to see if anyone gets “ME” and how I flow. I am a girly girl and love all things feminine. I express these must haves when I sit in a chair, but for some reason I end up flat and on the masculine side. It is disheartening because the hair mags, websites and searches all turn up some of the most beautiful uncomplicated styles that seem to elude the stylists I have been to here in Memphis. I have been using Miss Jessie’s, but can’t wait to try Uncle Funky’s.

    P.S. If anyone knows of an innovative, creative, sincere, business minded stylist of women’s natural upkeep via industry buzz here in Memphis please let me know (

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