The Do’s and Don’ts of Detox w/ Sister Scientist

EricaDouglas_Polaroid1As naturalistas, we put our hair through a lot. Cremes, butters, oils, conditioners – even though these things are designed to help our hair, too much of anything does no good at all. To that point, the ingredients in our products are made to be substantive to the hair cuticle, so it’s important to take time to remove and clarify our scalps. When you feel like your products aren’t working as well as you’re accustomed, or your hair isn’t responding like it used to, it’s probably time to detox!

In addition to our products, other stresses like our own mineral deposits from sweat, the various levels of pollution in the areas we live in, and even the quality of our local water supply all take their toll on the hair and scalp. So in addition to giving our hair time to breathe from the things we voluntarily do to it, detoxing gives us a chance to better protect it from the factors we might have less control over.

 Like most methods for self-improvement, a good hair detox starts from the inside. That means paying special attention to your diet and the things you’re consuming on a day-to-day basis. Incorporating healthier snacks during your detox (and after it, for that matter) can definitely improve the overall quality and health of your hair.


Of course, topical action is just as important, and there are a plethora of options to choose from – everything from using baking soda as an exfoliant, to an apple cider vinegar rinse as a deep conditioner. Not to mention some of our Good Funky Stuff like Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo as a clarifying shampoo.

TEricaDouglas_Polaroid2he March session of the Uncle Funky’s Daughter Talk About It Tuesday featured Erica Douglas, aka Sister Scientist! Erica is an outstanding cosmetic chemist who, along with developing products, also happens to be devoted to helping her fellow naturalistas get a better understanding of the ingredients we’re putting in our hair on a routine basis.

For this edition of Talk About It Tuesday, Erica focused on hair detoxes; specifically, the when and how product junkies should take a step back from our vanity cabinets and give our tresses a much-need break.To learn more about detoxing from the Sister Scientist, check out the replay on our official YouTube channel

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