Tiffany Lara: Loyal to the Funk

Humans are, by nature, creatures of devotion. Our instincts lead us to find different causes and creeds to lend our dedication and loyalty to – be it our favorite music artist, the church we’ve attended since childhood, or the brand of orange juice we drink every morning with breakfast. While our motivations for that loyalty are usually complex, we tend to act with purpose, no matter how large or small that purpose may be. Tiffany Lara’s very first foray into natural hair maintenance came in 2011, shortly after discovering the Uncle Funky’s Daughter product line. Through education and demonstration of Read More

Easy Updos For Mothers On-The-Go!

As an educator and mother of three beautiful children, I know all too well how challenging it is to achieve that perfect hairstyle with such a short amount of time with which to work. I simply do not have time in the morning to put together an intricate hairstyle, so I’ve come up with a few quick updos that all mothers can implement within their busy schedules and still look absolutely fabulous! So say goodbye to scarves and hats, because I have the style just for you!   The Ponytail Mohawk The Ponytail Mohawk is a great way to stretch Read More

I’m Not My Diagnosis

2011 was supposed to be the year I showed up and showed out on life! I was preparing for my 40th birthday bash when I first began to feel ill.  During that time I was self-diagnosing; I was working 50+ hours per week as the Executive Director of Majestic Divas, Inc (a social & charitable organization based in Laurel, MD), all while juggling roles as a mentor, philanthropist, wife, mother, and grandmother. I chalked my condition up to exhaustion – I figured I simply needed a vacation, and to sleep and eat better. But in Spring 2011, I began to experience shortness Read More

Reaching Out, Giving Back

The most important facet of the human experience is our capacity to give. In fact, the very fabric of our society is held together by the seams of charity and humility; when those traits are in play, especially (but certainly not limited to) times of dire need, our world is a much kinder and more comfortable place in which to reside. Humanitarian causes and leaving a positive imprint on the world are one of the values we hold dearest to our hearts here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter. So when our hometown of Houston, Texas was stricken with damaging and devastating Read More