And Away We Grow: Expanding Our Presence in Target

It is hard for us to believe that 2016 is already halfway over! This year has certainly been a year of tremendous growth and opportunity for our Funky Junky family! We began this year with the launch of our Good Funky Stuff into almost 70 select Target stores across the United States – a huge step toward our ultimate goal of reaching every curlista in the world

Making Lemonade: My Fertility Journey

In May and June, children and spouses / significant others celebrate parenthood, showering moms and dads with (hopefully) wonderful gifts of appreciation for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It is a wonderful season for parents and soon-to-be parents. But for those who may be struggling with conceiving children, it can be a season of considerable sadness.  Many of you know that I make a concerted effort to keep myself out of the Uncle Funky’s Daughter limelight, and that my personal life remains — well, personal. But infertility is a subject that affects so many couples today; and yet, because it’s Read More

Angela Walker’s Do’s & Don’ts of Daddy-Daughter Hairstyling

One of the most underrated and under-discussed facets of fatherhood is that gut-check moment when it comes time for daddy to do his little girl’s hair. This can be a tricky situation all-around – between the clueless papa, the tender-headed baby girl and the disapproving reviews from mama at the end of the day. There might not be a tougher spot that a father could ever be in. But there is hope! For any and all men who want to do better when a little girl is left in your care – whether you’re her dad, her uncle, her godfather Read More

Making Your Other Siginificant: How I Took My Husband On a Natural Hair Journey

Going natural, or as most of us like to say, returning to natural, can be a huge decision for any woman to make. While some may dismiss the importance of it – think anyone who has ever told you “it’s just hair!” – the fact of the matter is, as a woman, and especially as a woman of color, it’s so much more than that. A woman’s hair is very much her glory; it speaks to her personality, shows diversity, and distinguishes her from the crowd. So making the decision to transition to natural or do a big chop is Read More