Valerie Owens: A Tale of Two Grooves

It doesn’t take much explanation to understand that the job requirements for courtroom stenographers and a yoga instructor are vastly and intrinsically different. Even still, they do share at least one common thread – there’s a level of physical and mental dexterity needed to excel in both fields.   Having that type of flexibility has been important to Valerie Owens for as long as she can remember. Court reporter by day, dedicated yogi anytime else, Valerie has juggled both roles with expert elasticity and deftness. “I love doing yoga, I love instructing, and I love the professional piece of court reporting and being around Read More

Shai-Anne Davis: The Unlived Dream

My name is Shai-Anne Davis, and I am fueled by an unlived dream – a dream so meaningful, so powerful, that it has kept me pushing through the good, the bad and the ugliest of days. When I first started running track, I truly believed that my only purpose in life was to run fast and compete in my sport at the highest level possible. I tethered my identity to my ability to not only run, but to win. My level of confidence and self-esteem ebbed and flowed with the ups and downs of my track career. It wasn’t until I Read More

Strike A Pose! How Practicing Yoga Can Transform Your Life

The date was July 28, 2016. I gleefully downed the last Shipley’s donut I’d be enjoying for a while, and began to reflect on a new personal mission –  to shave off the small remnants of my pregnancy weight, and get back down to the size I was late last year before I learned I’d be welcoming a new addition to my family. Now, I’m normally a Krispy Kreme kinda girl, but I definitely have an appreciation for a nice, warm, freshly-glazed offering from Shipley’s. As I savored each delicious bite, I started to put together my game plan for Read More

Helecia Williams’ Summer Hair Protection Tips

With August wrapping up and the kiddos heading back to school, the realization that summer is drawing to a close is setting in. But, there’s still a few weeks of heat left to deal with – especially if you live in Houston like I do, where it feels like the summer can last well into October! I enjoy the outdoors as much as the next girl, but the sun is unforgiving, and can definitely take a toll on your hair. To help combat this, I created a DIY Hair Mask using Uncle Funky’s Daughter Richee Rich Conditioner and other common household Read More