Valerie Owens: A Tale of Two Grooves

It doesn’t take much explanation to understandValeriePolaroid2 that the job requirements for courtroom stenographers and a yoga instructor are vastly and intrinsically different. Even still, they do share at least one common thread – there’s a level of physical and mental dexterity needed to excel in both fields.  

Having that type of flexibility has been important to Valerie Owens for as long as she can remember. Court reporter by day, dedicated yogi anytime else, Valerie has juggled both roles with expert elasticity and deftness.

“I love doing yoga, I love instructing, and I love the professional piece of court reporting and being around professionals at all times,” Valerie explained.

Naturally, balancing two completely different fields means also having to be versatile with one’s look, and understandably so. The free-spirited energy and appearance you might typically associate with a yogi doesn’t exactly line up with the neutral, stoic tone of a court of law. But through time, experience and growing to understand her curls a little more intimately, Valerie has mastered the art of seamlessly transitioning her hair and style between the two environments.

“When I’m doing yoga, my hair can kinda just do what it needs to do. I’m not stressed out about making it look neat,” Valerie shared. “Then, after I work out, if I need to, I can flick some water and/or Curly Magic in it and put it in a bun.”

But it wasn’t always that simple. Valerie vividly remembers her life before becoming natural, and the headaches that can accompany caring for and maintaining relaxed hair.


“I wanted to be free of the whole perm routine – having to make appointments and flat-ironing and split-ends – it was just a little stressful for me,” Valerie shared.

Certain that relaxed hair was no longer conducive to her active lifestyle and busy schedule, Valerie began the process of transitioning to her natural state by methodically trimming her hair herself, and allowing her natural roots to grow out.

The process became even smoother for her when she was introduced to Uncle Funky’s Daughter by a natural friend who raved about the products. It took a little bit of patience and experimentation, of course, but Valerie found a method that works for whatever look she’s trying to achieve, and she hasn’t looked back.

“I use the Extra Butter in combination with the Curly Magic, and it makes my curls tight, but it still has a moisturized feeling,” she explained. “A lot of times I don’t have to use a lot of Curly Magic – I just add water, and come back with the Extra Butter and go through it with my hands, almost like a detangler.”

ValeriePolaroid1Now eight years removed from the decision to go natural, and having learned so much more about her natural curls, Valerie appreciates her choice more than ever.


“What I like about this product is that it doesn’t require me to go out of my way and do all of these crazy things that I hear people doing with their hair,” she shared. “It just allows me to be me.”


And as someone who has always prided herself on her ability to ebb and flow with the waves of life, Valerie loves that Uncle Funky’s Daughter has afforded her hair the opportunity to do the same.
“This product doesn’t tie me into one hairstyle. Like a personality, it’s not just one. And that’s what I’ve learned about yoga – we’re different people every day. I’m learning that my hair is different every day, too. It wants to do different things.”


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  1. This is sooo awesome, I always wondered what Valerie used to maintain her natural hair which expired me as well to be proud of my natural hair and rock it!!! Now I know!! Thank You sooo much for sharing!!

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