Renee’s Corner: 5 Tips to Stimulate Hair Growth After Chemotherapy

By now you’ve probably heard this statistic ad-nauseum: as a woman, you have a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during your lifetime. Aside from having to be cognizant of your own health and taking preventative measures, what this means is that the likelihood of you or someone you love – a friend, a family member, a co-worker – being affected by the disease in some way, is a virtual guarantee. I’ve had my own breast cancer scare, and have family and friends who battle against this disease daily,  

Breast cancer is a devastating, deadly disease, but it is byreneepolaroid no means a death sentence. Millions of beautiful, brave, resilient women stand toe-to-toe with this diagnosis and emerge victorious, but not without sacrifice. The toll chemotherapy can take on a woman’s body and mind is extensive, and it feels like it leaves nothing behind in its path…including your hair, among other things. Breast cancer survivors often find themselves struggling with a depleted sense of self-confidence based on how they perceive themselves post-chemo.

A frequent question after the loss of hair due to cancer treatment is: “How do I best encourage the regrowth of my hair?” Here are five all-natural ways you or someone you know can stimulate hair growth post-chemo.


1. Hone in on a high-protein diet: It’s no secret that protein helps your hair grow – it’s the stuff your hair is made of after all! As such, enjoying foods that are high in protein, like beans/legumes, eggs, and chicken can help to jumpstart the process.

2. Take your vitamins: Supplementing your diet with additional vitamins can also help influence speedy growth. Vitamin B is great for cell regeneration, and vitamin C can strengthen hair follicles.

3. Oil up: Massaging your scalp with natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or our Shining Star Hair & Scalp Elixir can help stimulate hair growth. Let your oil of choice sit on your scalp anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and then rinse.

4. Nix the hot water: Speaking of rinsing, avoid hot water when washing or rinsing your hair, as it can damage hair follicles and inhibit growth. Stick to cooler water, which can also help your hair retain moisture.

5. Choose gentle products for hair care: Take special care to use that are free of harsh chemicals and ingredients. Of course, all of Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s products are made from all-natural ingredients and free of sulfates, phthalates and other junk you want to keep out of your hair.


Post treatment, a breast cancer patient is in a hurry to return to a normal state, and a big part of that journey back to a sense of normalcy is the effort to regrow their beautiful natural tresses.That’s why I’ve made it a special point to forge a partnership with the American Cancer Society this month for our “Buy.Get.Give” program. American Cancer Society has accepted our donation of Good Funky Stuff to be gifted to select affiliated Hope Lodges around the country. American Cancer Society Hope Lodges are homes away from homes where cancer patients and their caregivers can reside and retreat while completing treatment at no cost. Not only do we want to support efforts for research and a cure, we want to facilitate the recovery process for survivors in any way we can.

During our “Buy.Get.Give” event, when Funky Junkies purchase $35 or more during the month of October on our online store, we will donate Good Funky Stuff that help to stimulate hair growth and rebuild hair health, such as Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic and Midnite Train Leave-in Conditioner. Both products are fortified with excellent natural ingredients which aid in stimulating hair growth and promotes scalp health. Defunk can be especially useful to re-fresh wigs and protective styles, which are common tools women use during and after cancer treatment.

For those of us who are looking cancer in the eye and telling it “not today”, stay faithful, stay diligent, and most of all remember that your recovery (and hair regrowth) isn’t an overnight process. It takes a little patience, a little support, and a whole lot of self-care and love. Understand that you or your hair may not look like it did before treatment, but that doesn’t determine your beauty or self-worth. It’s simply the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of another.


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