Renee’s Corner: The 100-Day Health Check-In

How are your health goals coming along, Funky Junkies?? Back in January, we took a quick look at some easy ways to set yourself up for success regarding your New Year’s health resolutions. We’re approaching the first 100 days of the year, which is a mark usually used to assess the performance of our nation’s President, and especially a newly-elected one (ahem). Still, this is a good time to check in to see just where we are with our goals, give you some additional tips for staying on course (or upping the ante!) and help those of us who have maybe strayed Read More

Jennifer: Pushing Your Limits

What is the meaning of life? It’s the most fundamental philosophical question to ever be posed, and one that can not only invoke several different answers, but even twice as many questions. We spend a large bulk of our existence trying to decipher and make sense of our behaviors, beliefs and principles. For Jennifer, taking up the practice of yoga opened her eyes to a new way of looking at herself and the world around her. Like many others, she took her first yoga lesson under the auspice of simply needing a way to decompress and relieve stress. Instead she found a Read More

3 Nutritious Foods Your Hair Absolutely Needs

Fun fact: March is “National Nutrition Month”! Not that we should need to designate a month to remind us that healthy and nutritious food is good for our bodies, but it does give us a chance to open up some dialogue about the subject. The cool thing about eating nutritiously is all of the neat benefits you can reap from doing so. You’ve surely heard a few of these tips passed around over the years, almost in the vein of old wives’ tales: carrots help your eyesight, milk builds strong bones, etc. And while, at least to a certain extent, these Read More

Beauty Boss Chronicles: tendrils and curls™️

Life is a perpetual cycle presented with a bevy of paths and choices to make, each bearing the potential to change your life in numerous ways. For Paula Chrishon, the option of following the road to a profession in the beauty world was ever-present, as her mother had made her own career doing the same. “I have really fond memories of my mother owning a beauty supply store when I was much younger,” Paula recalls fondly. Still, she initially resisted, as most children do, and sought to carve out her own path in the world. She earned her Ph.D. in Read More

Renee’s Corner: Self-Care Tips for the Busy Mom

With all due respect to Mother’s Day, there’s no real break from the job for us moms. Motherhood is a twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week endeavor. Even if and when the day comes that we get a break from the kids (and hubby, if we’re lucky), it’s far too easy to find yourself preoccupied with whether your little ones are safe and doing ok away from you, and thinking about getting a leg up on the next thing they’ll need. That’s why it’s so important to remember that moms need love too (and not just on Mother’s Day!). And as nice as it is to Read More