IMadameJay’s Spring Vacation Must-Haves

I don’t know about you, but spring break is the time of year that I most look forward to! As we get closer and closer to summer, the warm and breezy, “in-between” weather just makes me a unique kind of happy. This spring, I’ll be visiting the beach and there are definitely some essential items and products that I must have with me on this trip.

First and foremost, I’ll need a big stylish tote to carry all of my things in. You always want to make sure you grab a bag that not only fits your style, but one that is roomy enough for all the rest of your essential items. In addition, grabbing your favorite pair of stylish sunglasses is a must. The perfect accessory to wear while on the beach.

Sunscreen is another important item. Be sure that you are protecting your skin from damaging UV rays by applying sunscreen. A great pair of flip flops/slides are definitely a must-have! You can easily put them on or take them off whether you are walking along the beach or deciding to take a break and walk the strip or boardwalk along the beach.

And of course, I will always make sure I have white fingernail polish, it’s the perfect color to take a long with you because it matches everything!

On another note, when it starts to warm up outside, I don’t like to have my hair down and touching my neck. Since I’m visiting the beach for my spring break this year, I’ll be rocking a big curly pineapple — a cute, easy style that’s perfect for fun in the sun!

Basically, my pineapple is just a pinned-up wash-n-go. Just like my next curl sister, when my WNG is a couple of days old, I put it up in a pineapple or a puff to not only get a few more days out of the style, but switch things up in the process. And since I love a good wash-n-go, the pineapple just so happens to be my go-to lately.

Naturally, the key to any good style is making sure you have the right products to make it work! For my wash-n-go, I’ll need shampoo, conditioner, a moisturizer, and a styler. That’s what makes Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Busy Beauty Travel Kit so perfect for these types of trips — all of the different products I need in one, easy-to-carry pouch. UFD’s travel kits feature two-ounce bottles of their products, which is great for mobility, whether you’re flying to a destination and need to lighten your load, or need to head from the gym to a meeting and don’t have time to stop at home in between.

So, to prepare for my pineapple, I shampoo my hair with UFD’s Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo, and follow up by conditioning with UFD’s Midnite Train Leave-In Conditioner. After using those products my hair is clean, moisturized, and ready to be styled.

To lock the moisture in my kinks I use Good Hair Conditioning Styling Cream. When you are out and about soaking up the sun rays, it’s important to make sure that your hair is thoroughly moisturized. This product alone smells so delicious!

Lastly, I coat my strands with the Curly Magic Curl Stimulator and it gives my curls hold without the crunch. When using this product with the Good Hair, my hair feels like butter. I finish up the style by giving my hair a nice sheen with the Glossy Finishing Hair Polish.

Of course, with any trip to the beach, while it will be relaxing you have to know that sweating your hair out is inevitable. I most likely won’t have time to rewash my hair, so to refresh my strands after being out and about, I’ll use Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic. It smells great and will definitely hold me over until my next wash day!

What’s your go-to vacation style? Let me know in the comments! And check out my YouTube channel for videos and tutorials on great springtime looks!


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