(Gently) Guiding Your Guy’s Grooming Habits

The key to any relationship is communication, and the ability of either partner to listen (and retain!) the things their partner shares with them. That’s not a novel idea, and while it’s most often shared within the context of serious, introspective conversations, it can and does also apply to lighter, less serious situations — like when you decide to give your partner a friendly nudge in a certain direction regarding their grooming habits.

From the male perspective, guys are typically only concerned with solving for two objectives as it pertains to their hygiene regimen: efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Or…more bluntly…is it easy? Is it cheap? And while those are certainly important things to take into consideration, the touch and guidance of woman, is usually needed (and greatly appreciated!).

Of course, the male ego can be tricky — there’s a certain level of finesse needed to painlessly persuade your beau to do something different. Here are few helpful tips for making it work!

Make a “suggestion”: If you’d like to see your guy implement something specific into his appearance, phrase it in the form of a suggestion, as opposed to a criticism or directive. For example, if he wears his hair shorter and you’d like to see him grow it out, show him a picture or example of the style you had in mind and tell him how good he’d look with it. You can (and should) even offer to help him achieve it. It’ll require some effort on your part as well, but he’ll definitely be more open to the idea if it comes from you and with your help.

Buy him products: Guys can certainly be a bit finicky about the products they use, especially on their hair and face. A lot of men tend to stick with the brand they grew up using, and are not particularly interested in or worried about branching out. You’ll need to do your research, in terms of both the product you want to buy and the one you want to replace. Try and find out what he likes so much about that particular product, and then offer a sample of the replacement and tell him what you like about it. It’s not a foolproof plan, but if you play it right, you could persuade him to make the transition on his own.

Share your stash!: It’s poorly-kept secret, but just in case you weren’t aware — guys like experimenting with their ladies’ hair products! Your Richee Rich isn’t evaporating between uses, we promise! The next time you stock up on products for yourself, throw a little something extra in the basket for him. He may deny using your Supercurl to moisturize his waves, but he’ll definitely appreciate the gesture!

What other tips do you have for influencing your guy’s grooming habits? Let us know in the comments!


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