4 Tips for Wedding Fashion Etiquette

It’s wedding season and that means cute hair and cute outfits! You ALWAYS want to look your best when it comes to a wedding. If you’re single….let’s just say the possibilities are endless! All jokes aside, looking your best should always be the goal. Let’s explore a few ways you can achieve your best hair and style all wedding season long. 

  • Keep your hair moisturized: It’s important to make sure your waves, kinks and curls don’t appear to look dry and crunchy. Outdoor weddings are especially dangerous due to the sun’s UV rays. I like to use Thirsty Curls or Midnite Train to retain the moisture in my hair while outside. You can grab either one from the Ultimate Kinky & Curly Hair Travel Kit and throw them in your wedding bag for the day. 


  • Wear comfortable shoes: This may seem insignificant, but trust me! You might want to shine in your 4 inch heels for pictures but be sure to have a back up, or just simply wear a shoe you know you can dance in all night. Just think about it…if someone’s cousin happens to ask you to dance and you’re nursing your sore toes, opportunity missed. I’m just saying.


  • Rock a safe hairstyle: I NEVER encourage safe styles when it comes to hair, but this is different. For some reason we always try to do a new hairstyle for weddings that we’ve never tried before. Instead go with one that you know you can execute well. Waking up the day of the wedding with a disaster on your head is not what you want. Styling with Supercurl or Extra Butter will help set an amazing shiny twist out or bantu knot out. 


  • Don’t wear white: Or off-white, or even egg shell. Just don’t. Unless the bride is being untraditional and asks her guests to wear a specific color. This has been a long time topic of debate, however, out of respect for the bride…Please don’t!

Time to share! I want to know your hair and style tips before attending a wedding. Let me know what your do’s and don’t’s are. 🙂 

Kala Garner



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