How Do You Spruce Up For Fall?

Accessorize your hairstyle with a hat or scarf this season

As much as I adore beaches and tanned skin, the fall season still reigns as my favorite time of the year.  I must admit, I am more of a sweater and boots kind of girl though! Colder temperatures usually cause a serious change in my skin and haircare routine.  Let’s discuss some of these alterations in this brief guide to Fall. 

Fall makeup is all about warm, rich and bold tones with several shades to choose from such as burgundy, plum, brown, orange, and mustard. These tones can be applied to your eyes, lips, nails and hair…if you are feeling that FUNKY! I’m personally a sucker for plum and that shade on my lips or nails does the trick. You can pair a statement lip with winged liner or just mascara. If you prefer simpler makeup, adding a bold lip is the perfect pop. Most of the time I skip the eyeshadow and just go in with the lip. Due to the colder temperatures in the fall, skin can be dryer, so be sure to apply a lip scrub prior to lipstick application. My skin routine shifts to more hydrating formulas that I wouldn’t usually apply during the summer.  Mixing your favorite oil with your moisturizer can add an extra boost of hydration to your skin.  Jojoba and grape seed oil are known to enhance the skin’s moisture and overall health.

Shining Star Hair & Scalp Elixr can be used to hydrate your skin

It’s always essential to protect your hair from colder temperatures, and hats are an easy way to do so. I know what you’re thinking—Hat Hair! We don’t have to succumb to squished hair.  I tend to stick with one hair style that works for me year round—my good ol’ puff! You can brush it up, braid it, and create a funky updo. It can be worn high, low, with a hat or without one. Headwear doesn’t have to be limited to hats either. It can include scarves, wraps, headbands, beanies, or even ear muffs.  I have a woven headband that keeps my ears warm while maintaining the shape of my high puff. With that type of exposure to colder weather, I take extra steps to make sure my hair strands remain moisturized and protected. Shining Star Hair and Scalp Elixir is an excellent addition to my Fall routine because it adds an extra dose of moisture, without feeling greasy.  During my styling process, I use Midnight Train Leave-in Conditioner to moisten my hair so that it’s easier to mold into my styles. Then, I apply Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Creme to soften the stands while aiding in shine.  If you are a hat person, I would recommend two strand twists to reduce the bulk underneath your headwear. 

As seasons change, our routine does also.  No matter what, healthy skin and hair are year round goals and these are easy tips to begin to incorporate into your Fall routine.  What are your favorite Fall colors? What are your essential Fall hair care tips? Let us know in the comments below! 


Alicia Archer

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