Find Out Why They Call This Woman @VotedBestHair!

Alicia uses her platform @VotedBestHair to share her journey.

Open. Honest. Insightful.

Those are three words describing what people look for in those they listen to for advice. There are also three words that describe natural hair blogger and YouTuber Alicia, better known as @VotedBestHair (clever right?). She started her YouTube channel in 2012 with the mission to evaluate her own passions and share them with the world one video at a time. Things that some may view as too personal or wouldn’t dare share, Alicia has shared with grace and humility in hopes that sharing pieces of her life to viewers would not only be relatable, but also inspirational to those willing to receive the message.

We took a few moments to ask Alicia some things we are dying to know and that new and future viewers would expect to know. It’s been 8 years since she started her natural hair journey by transitioning; we wanted all the details.

“I wasn’t bold enough to big chop (I don’t have the head for it), so I slowly transitioned by doing plenty of twist outs, braid outs, and roller sets,” she said. “Transitioning allowed me the opportunity to really get to know my hair and to try out new styles.”

We know a lot of our Funky Junkies (like you!) wonder how to retain length during your natural hair journeys. Alicia says, and we know you may hear it a lot but, healthy hair is more important than hair length.

“I don’t really focus on hair growth as much as I do hair health.  I think that because I take care of my hair by moisturizing daily, deep conditioning and regular trims, my hair has been able to grow to [the length] it is today.”

Inclusion and insight are both values here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter. Our products are made with a variety of people in mind, and everyone has a favorite, including Alicia.

Alicia keeps her UFD travel sizes on hand at all times!

“My favorite UFD product is Curly Magic.  This product truly is magical!  I love the way it makes my curls pop with a single application,” she said. “Glossy is another one of my favorites.  It reminds me of the curl activator back in the 80’s.  I appreciate that I can take the bottle along with me wherever I go to add a little shine to my hair.”

She literally keeps a travel sized bottle of Glossy with her. No joke. She loved UFD so much that Alicia joined our team of Dynamite Divas earlier this year…and it’s such an awesome, fitting union.

“I love being a Brand Ambassador for UFD because I get to educate women on our amazing products,” she said, also sharing a few things she loves about the brand.

“What I love most about Uncle Funky’s Daughter is that they have products for every hair type.  I enjoy the fact that whether wavy, curly, or kinky there is a product that will work for you.”

Uncle Funky’s Daughter works to not only keep your hair healthy and  happy, but to empower women and women! Alicia, as our brand ambassador represents us in doing that. See more of her journey @VotedBestHair on Instagram and on YouTube!


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