New Hair, New You? Let’s Talk Hair Color Trends for this Fall.

Groovy Guru, Tar’Ra Troutman achieved this lustrous red color on a recent client.

Fall has arrived and it’s time to pull those thick sweaters and accessories down from the top of your closet to work them into your Autumn wardrobe. It’s also time to consider another change for Fall: a new hair color. We are tracking the trends for Fall hair color with our Groovy Guru Professional Hairstylist Ambassadors, Markeita Pruitt and Tar’Ra Troutman.

Fall brings out the warmth in us. We associate this season with things that are comforting and warm, and compliment those in what we do the rest of the year. Our hair color’s no different. According to Pruitt, clients this fall are seeking a combination of brown and blonde shades. Another common request includes red, one we guessed would be on the list.

“Typically, this is the time that most women go dark,” Pruitt said. “But, I’ve seen a trend this fall where women are doing brown and blonde with warm undertones. Various reds, reddish-browns and plum will always be fall go-tos for many.”

Troutman says some of her clients are adhering to the trends, but are venturing into more non-traditional hair colors this fall.

“During fall, most clients are requesting warmer tones. Coppers, reds, golds, chocolates and mahogany blends. I’m also seeing a lot of fashion colors. Blues and turquoise are trending now.”

Before making changes, however, there are steps to follow and things your hair needs before undergoing the chemicals and effects when dying/bleaching. When in doubt, ask your stylist prior to having your hair dyed to prevent damage and ensure you’re going about it the right way. Deep conditioning is crucial in beginning the process toward maintaining healthy color treated hair.

“I require consultations prior to all coloring services. This allows me to adequately assess the hair and learn it’s current condition,” Pruitt said. “Prior to service, I encourage clients to deep condition at least twice a month.”

Troutman suggests steam deep conditioning treatments for the hair, before and after coloring.

Groovy Guru Markeita Pruitt took this client to a plum hue for her fall hair color endeavors.

“Before any hair is colored, it’s analyzed for health and porosity, and I make sure to administer a steam treatment before and after. I add either protein or moisture, based on the individual client’s needs,” she said. “Bi-monthly steam conditioning treatments and regular color maintenance so that your color doesn’t fade are also crucial. I absolutely recommend using products that add moisture and are safe for color treated hair such as sulfate-free shampoos and rich deep conditioners.”

Just like other aspects of our lives, with hair color, consistency is key. Your hair is already becoming accustomed to its change and what its been subjected to, so it’s imperative that a healthy hair routine comes into play when dying your hair.

“Be consistent in your care regimen, get regular trims to avoid split ends and deep condition under heat allowing penetration of conditioner and rinse in cool water, as this aids is sealing the cuticle of the strands which are often raised during coloring process,” Pruitt said. “Try avoiding high temperature heat if proper steps aren’t taken prior to straightening. Always deep condition with a protein/keratin conditioner prior to straightening colored hair.”

Quick Tip: If you’re going to use oils, don’t use them alone. 

“Professionally, I suggest avoiding the use of oils alone,” Pruitt concluded. “Oils are to be used as sealants, to follow after a leave-in and moisturizer.”

We hope this helps in your conquests to switch things up this fall! Remember that hairstylists are here to help so seek assistance from a professional. It’s all about preventative and persistent after-care that makes the change successful. 


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