Save the Strands: Shield Your Tresses with Protective Styling

Halo styles are some of Jalisa’s go-tos!

Protective styling has always been a key component in my natural hair journey. There are so many benefits to protective styling, especially when the weather starts to get cooler. I find that when temperatures drop, it takes additional effort for me to keep my hair moisturized, so protective styling aids in preventing over handling my hair, promotes growth, and helps maintain moisture. Let’s face it, sometimes we just need that break from styling our hair everyday!

There are various preservative methods that can be implemented into your natural hair routine. Looking back, I have styled my hair in low or high buns to prevent the ends from breakage. I have also done halo styles without extensions, which generally consists of one to two braids that wrap all around the crown of my head. Completing variations of these styles allows for versatility and shield strands from excessive manipulation or harsh environmental factors.

Crochet styles have circled back around and are all the hype these days. They tend to be an inexpensive method used to safeguard your natural tresses and cause minimal tension. In addition to that, they literally take no time to complete. If you are capable of braiding your own hair to the scalp, a crochet style could be a go-to for you. It generally takes me about about two hours which is definitely a plus for me. Imagine the longevity of the style and not having to worry about combing you hair! Some of my favorite versions of this style have been faux locs, which consists of braids wrapped in textured synthetic hair to create a look that mirrors dreadlocks without the commitment. I also often resort to Havana twists (also known as kinky twists), that consist of two-strand twisting Marley hair, at your desired length or thickness.

Along with crochet styles, box braids (usually referred to with some reference to the 90’s movie, Poetic Justice) and Senegalese twists have both been favorites for me in the past, especially when I first began to transition to natural hair. All of the styles mentioned were beneficial because they require low maintenance, an awesome trait of protective styling in general, but I found it extremely healthy and helpful during my transitional period.

Our Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème is ideal for protective styling.

Protective styling is definitely something that will stay in my regimen! If you are someone who doesn’t want to spend money to get box braids, faux locs, or crochet styles done, which can cost a pretty penny, protective styling with your own hair is always an option. It’s cheaper, can be faster, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Always remember to do what’s best for your hair!

Although we agree that protective styling can be beneficial, there has been quite a bit of controversial conversation throughout the natural hair community. Do you think that preventative styling methods are worth it or more harmful than we think? Leave your comments below.

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