Renee’s Corner: 3 Cheerful Gift Giving Ideas for Curly Girls

Happy Thanksgiving Funky Junkies! I am definitely in the holiday spirit this week (finally)! Between counting up the guest list for Thanksgiving Dinner, planning activities for the kids that will keep them busy, and checking off the early tasks of executing the menu (just made my pound cake), I not only have a lot to be thankful for, but I’m convinced I’m ready to do some of the thanking and play Mrs. Claus in the coming weeks.

There are dozens of “holiday shopping tips” articles out there and brands are doing backflips to try and catch our attention for those black Friday sales (we have our own…so don’t miss it!), but I wanted to go the more thoughtful and inclusive route for this year’s gift picking. There’s always the task of deciding what’s best for which person in your life: from your Secret Santa co-worker, to your distant cousin who shows up only to Christmas dinner, and of course, the leading lady in your life, your Mama. Here are some gift ideas for the frugal, the crafty and the thoughtful curly girls wanting to share the magic of the holidays.

It’s that time of year! Give thoughtful gifts this holiday season!

Make “products” for her! There are so many recipes for hair masks, body scrubs with salt or sugar, face masks, and hair/body oils (usually combos of essential oils) out there, especially in the wonderland we call Pinterest. Find some that suit her and her #selfcare needs! Every woman comes to a point where she needs to chill out and maintain her physical health. We rush through our work weeks sometimes without stopping to do tedious tasks to prevent being late. Make it easy for your recipient to take a day or an hour to take care of herself. One of my fave scrubs consists of just three ingredients, is lush and leaves the skin silky smooth. Mix a cup of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil, a teaspoon of lavender oil (or any essential oil you’d like) and just a splash of water in a Mason jar.

You can also make a basket of her favorite things. Purchase a basket from a home goods store and take a stroll through Target or Walmart and fill it! Add hair products, bath products, snacks (non-perishable of course), wine, accessories, candles…the possibilities are endless, and the price point is up to you!

Make a gift basket suitable for the her wants & needs + still keep a budget!

Is this curly girl on the road a lot? Put together a travel kit! Buy travel-sized hair products and toiletries, a satin scarf and pillow case, other hair essentials like bobby pins, a head wrap and a bath pouf. These can all be purchased at your local beauty supply in minimal time (support local businesses!). You could also add a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and a travel jewelry case, so her accessories don’t get tangled in her suitcase like this one ( If you’re not into making a travel kit, buy one! Silky Wraps has one for just $24.99, minus the products and toiletries!

Finding the “perfect” gift can be a challenge for our family members and curlfriends, but crafting or thinking of our gifts prove to be more pleasing to both ourselves (as the givers) and the lucky girl who gets them! Try to add a little personality and consideration under the tree this year, and if nothing else, follow this one rule: DON’T JUST BUY HER A GIFT CARD!


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