Funky & Festive: Glam Up Your Holiday Hairstyles This Season


@jhoanny413’s bobby pinned curls

Every year, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to showcase what our Funky Junkies can do with our products. The truth is, we find inspiration for our future as a brand from you, our Funky Family. Once again, our curlfriends far and wide have come to Uncle Funky’s Daughter to show off their funky, festive hair styles for this year’s Craft Your Curls! From fresh wash ‘n gos to decorated, textured tresses, this year’s campaign has been one for the books! Over the course of 2017, we’ve seen more inclusion for curly girls — all types (!) — and more creative ideas for naturalistas who want to go above and beyond in styling their curls.

@nicolenxcole’s flowered faux hawk

For many of us, the pressure is ON to keep our hair in check and stand out for all the holiday festivities: work parties, networking events, meeting your new mate’s family (or continuing to impress your in-laws). It’s possible we ALL want a little glimmer to put us in the holiday spirit with or without actual GLITTER. One way to add gold or silver to your hair is simple — bobby pins! Line bobby pins in your hair as desired to achieve these simple, yet decorated looks (Thanks Rihanna)!

If you’re looking to do a little more, you can weave in flowers, pearls or other decorative pieces in your hair. Our hair is capable of so much! Check out Nicole’s flower-wrapped mohawk and Destiny’s decorated updo! You can also pin your curls and add a little detail with a flower pin. Easy ways to create these look are right in your local hobby shop! It’s always a good thing to show up in a festive mood; after all, when you look good, you FEEL good.

@destine2benatural’s updo

Lastly, there’s always the option to be just what we are: Natural! By mastering styles like twist-outs, braid-outs, and side sweeping our fros and curls, we always have some go-tos to take from. There’s also the option to NOT remove your twists or braids and go with styles that accent your holiday look with the braids as embellished accessories. You can apply jewelry to your braids (ofter times found at local beauty supply stores) and wrap them as desired: around your crown, by Bantu knotting them or simply wearing them hanging. Not only are you using braids as an alternative to the norm, but you’re protecting your hair, too!

We want our Funky Junkies┬áto be the belles of the ball, and thanks to our Craft Your Curls participants, we’ve all gotten some inspiration. The range and creativity we saw this year were phenomenal, and it is our hope that you all found your next party-worthy hairstyle for the holidays! Naturalistas saw more positive attention in the media and took awesome, notable risks in the beauty and fashion industries in 2017. We are MOST PROUD to be a part of that community and serving the women who are a part of it every day with our Good Funky Stuff! We are thankful for you, Funky Family! To see all the styles that inspired us, visit Our Site, and be sure to tag us to show off yours on social media!




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