@QueensAndCurls: Converting Natural Confidence to Stylespiration

Natural hair. Beauty. Style. Three things that make up the aesthetic of this week’s lovely Funky Junky Feature, Keianna Springer aka @QueensAndCurls. You may have seen her on our social media during our 2017 Summer Funk campaign, but she’s truly been continuing to inspire us since.

Her inspiration comes from “seeing other women of color wearing their natural hair and skin with confidence.”

“When I see a beautiful woman of color wearing her natural hair and confident in who she is it makes me so happy inside!”

We can do nothing but agree with that.

Keianna uses her social media handle, @QueensAndCurls, to inspire and share her inspirations from natural hair.

When did YOU decide you’d “go natural” or transition? Was it far into your adult years or before the craze? Keianna took the dive when she was 14, and hasn’t turned back or given up on her natural hair goals.

“I have been natural to for 8 years,” she said. “One day after six months of transitioning, I decided to do the big chop at 14 years old!”

Once we start to get the hang of our hair, even at a young age, it is imperative we find products we love, and our hair loves, too! Keianna found that in Uncle Funky’s Daughter (not to toot our own horn), and uses our products for those very reasons.

“I love the Uncle Funky’ Daughter brand because it is a Black-owned company that empowers black women to embrace who they naturally are! And the cherry on top is that the CEO of this brand is a woman,” she said. “Every time I reach for my UFD products I think about the 60’s & 70’s! I love the names of these products!”

To add, she noted her fave products and reasons why.

“My favorite UFD products are the Supercurl Crème and Curly Magic Curl Stimulator. Supercurl is very easy to apply, elongates my curls, and gives them amazing moisture. Curly Magic is very different from other gels. It delivers an excellent hold for my curls, but it doesn’t leave a crunch. This combo is perfect for my Type 4 curls when it comes to wash & go’s!”

Shop our Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme to help achieve inspiring curly styles of your very own!

Yes. The Wash ‘n Go as we know it is possible for Type 4 Curly girls! Healthy, lush curls, however, are only attainable when you take care of your hair and body. Some of our curlfriends diet (there are so many out there), some really promote and control their water intake, some use vitamins and supplements such as B12 and biotin tablets. Keianna keeps things simple when it comes to maintaining hair health.

“I believe that protective styling and a healthy lifestyle contributes to my healthy curls,” she said. “Leaving my hair alone and eating a healthy diet has given my hair exactly what it needs to thrive.”

Keianna isn’t inspiring just us here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter, but a following of almost 10,000 Instagrammers around the country. Being a brand ambassador is a fun, inspiring job, and one of the things she does for fun.

“For fun, I enjoy going to beauty/style events and meeting other naturalistas like myself! Traveling is another thing I enjoy doing… and shopping. You can never do too much of that,” she said, laughing.

We love to hear from you guys on your natural hair journeys! It’s part of what inspires us and keeps us in touch with our fab Funky Junkies! Be sure ad tag us in your posts and use the hashtag, #UncleFunkysDaughter!


Photos of Keianna taken by: Briana Janelle Photography


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