#CurlyGirlMagic: No Stopping Our Shine in 2018

We are kicking off 2018 with a new theme and are excited to bring you #CurlyGirlMagic! #CurlyGirlMagic exists as a compliment to curly girls everywhere (#NoCurlLeftBehind).

#CurlyGirlMagic coordinates with ANY look, style or outfit!

Uncle Funky’s Daughter is committed to nurturing every curl we touch through our products and to make all our Funky Junkies feel absolutely fabulous. It is our intention to continue to celebrate you and how you embrace your natural beauty everyday. Heading into this new year, we have imagined a time of glam and sparkle and want to spread that all over.

As curly girls, naturalistas, rizos (and all the other terms used to define women in regard to how we wear our hair), there’s a common sentiment that there’s still a sense of pride we possess…a brave disposition…to wear our hair despite possible criticisms from our corporate jobs and those who don’t necessarily look like us. Getting questions from our peers such as: “Is that a ‘jeri curl,’ perm or texturizer?” or everyone’s fave, “Can I touch your hair?” (Although some do so without even asking.) People raise questions we shouldn’t have to acknowledge or answer.

Natural hair gives us endless flexibility to wear our hair any way we choose: curly, straightened with heat, in a protective style, with highlights, in an afro…it is absolutely ENDLESS! Yes…we recognize all of that flexibility can sometimes require a bit of extra work. It can also come with a bit of unsought attention as we noted previously. So, this year look out as we celebrate and support YOU in all the ways in which you style your hair!


Curly hair gives us the flexibility to style our hair in many ways…including straight!


We can’t say that a hashtag or idea will save us from the questions that come as we change up our style, but constant recognition and exposure results in more education. It’s about perspective; and we perceive your curls to be bold, beautiful and truly remarkable.

Our products are curated to physically execute how we view natural hair. Curly Magic, our top-selling, butt-kicking Curl Stimulator not only defines curls but leaves them with brilliant shine. It’s our featured product for the month, and we intend to keep that shine on the forefront. Often used for wash ‘n go styles, Curly Magic prevents frizz and tames curls of all types and lengths. We are excited to bring in a new year with you and can’t wait to continue showcasing your shine! Let’s share our #CurlyGirlMagic with the world!


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