Renee’s Corner: Kicking off with #CurlyGirlMagic in CVS!!

Happy New Year Funky Junkies! I pray that your 2018 is kicking off right…full of joy, love, blessings, productivity, and prosperity. Our Uncle Funky’s Daughter team is energized about the year ahead. Because of you, great things are happening for us and I am so excited to begin sharing some of the news. 2018 is all about Curly Girl Magic — celebrating YOU and that glorious hair of yours…whichever way you choose to wear it!

You asked; we answered! Uncle Funky’s Daughter will be more accessible than EVER in 2018!

When we launched in Target in 2016, so many of you responded with a tremendous outpouring of excitement about the ability to get your hands on our Good Funky Stuff. But even more of you wanted a bit more convenience. You asked. We listened. So part of our Curly Girl Magic is becoming more accessible to you than ever before. Starting in late January, our top-selling products will be available in over 400 CVS locations across the country! What?!?! Yep…I said it! Talk about convenience…CVS is located on the corner of just about every neighborhood!

CVS will feature Curly Magic, Thirsty Curls Revitalizer Spray, Good Hair Conditioning Style Crème, Glossy Finishing Hair Spray, Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic, and our Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit! These are the products you’ve been asking for in stores…and we’re responding to your needs. We are tiering the availability of products. That means that not all products are available in all stores. BUT…we can continue to increase our availability by showing CVS that you want to buy our products in their stores. You see, YOU speak to retailers with how you spend your hard earned dollars.

For those new to our Funky Family, the Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit contains our infamous Curly Magic Curl Stimulator, Thirsty Curls, Midnite Train, Extra Butter and Supercurl in travel-sized, 2oz bottles. Whether your hair is wavy, curly or coarse, there is something in the kit that will help your hair flourish. We are dedicated to ensuring all our customers — old and new — can get a taste of what we’ve got cooking!

Our Curly Magic Curl Stimulator will be available in nearly 1,000 CVS Stores!

Our “holy grail of hair gels” — Curly Magic — will be available in nearly 1,000 (yes 1,000) CVS stores! This aloe-based gel provides definition, shine and manageable nourished curls. It also happens to be our featured product of the month, and a major contributor to our theme of #CurlyGirlMagic. Curly Magic is great for all types of curls and the lifestyles of our curly girls. It is crafted to make styling your hair easier—whether you’re going with a twist out, or wash ‘n go.

We are so proud to announce this milestone, and you — our loyal Funky Family Member — are the FIRST to hear! We haven’t even started the countdown yet! Be sure and follow us on social media so see all the cool ways we are talking about #CurlyGirlMagic at CVS!

We are starting 2018 in celebration of YOU, as you enter into a new year filled with new endeavors, goals and much prosperity. What do you have in your 2018 lineup? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy 2018!




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    1. Hi Donna! We will post the CVS store locations in the next two weeks on our social media platforms. We will also update our store locator page so that you know which CVS stores carry which products. You’ll receive an email once these are available, so be on the lookout!


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