How to Confess Your Love to a #CurlCrush

Happy Valentine’s Day! Does anyone else gawk over the styles you scroll past on social media, posted by influencers you love?! So do I! My Curl Crush is Ashley Hall, aka @curlsfothegirls on Instagram. She created a gorgeous holiday hairstyle that was posted on her page back in December… and I am absolutely in love with it!

Jalisa took inspiration from her Curl Crush and re-created her look!

The style that she created was so simple to re-create. It featured a bantu knot on the side and a twist out on the rest of her hair. To top it off, she added gold bobby pins on the side with the bantu knot. I thought I’d show you guys how to do it yourself!

I decided to recreate this style from my curl crush Ashley just in time for Valentine’s Day by using a few products from Uncle Funky’s Daughter. I first co-washed my hair with the Richee Rich Moisturizing Conditioner. It left my hair clean, super moisturized and ready for this style. I then stretched my hair with a blow dryer on cool settings and once it was all dry, I started separating my hair.

… and here we have a crush worthy Valentine’s Day style!

The first thing that I decided to do for this style is work on the bantu knot. I parted a small section off on the left side of my head, then took a spray bottle filled with water and began wetting that section of my hair. I used three products to style my hair: Shining Star Hair and Scalp Elixir, Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme, and Curly Magic Curl Stimulator. I used Shining Star first, then followed with Supercurl to add moisture to my hair. Lastly, I used Curly Magic as a gel to provide a hold for the bantu knot.

When the bantu knot was finished, I went on with twisting the rest of my hair using the same three products. Once my hair was styled, I sat under the hair dryer for about an hour to set everything. (You can also let it dry overnight!) When it was completely dry, I sprayed the Glossy Finishing Hair Polish all over and began separating and fluffing. The final results were beautiful and it gave me the perfect Valentine’s Day look!

Who’s YOUR Curl Crush?! Comment below and be sure to share the social media love with me, @IMadameJay!


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