Funky Junky Feature: Masterful Mimi

We think everyone has the ability to develop admiration for someone they see on social media. As interactive as social media is these days, its so easy! From time to time, we host campaigns to highlight a few of our favorite curly girls online who tag us in their awesome photos using UFD products. This month’s #FunkyFeature: Mesmerizing Mimi from Atlanta, Georgia!

We first introduced the rest of our followers to Mimi during our Holiday Craft Your Curls campaign for which she styled her tresses with UFD products and produced this!

Mimi achieved this cute style for this past winter’s Craft Your Curls campaign.

Her photos were so stunning, we had to have her back and find out more about her! By the end of this, you’ll secretly admire her, too!

Beauty is internal, versatile and sometimes unexpected once you start to scratch the surface of who someone really is. The make up of a person, a woman, comes from not only her spirit, but also from what she does, her ambitions and all the little details. Mimi is a great example of that!

By day, she is currently an Officer in the United States Air Force working in the medical career field. She received her Bachelors and Masters from Georgia Southern University and worked as an Epidemiologist for the Georgia Department of Public Health right after college. All the beauty gurus we see on the internet aren’t just beautiful; they’re strong and intelligent as well.

By night, Mimi is a beauty enthusiast and makeup artist, dabbling in natural hair! She started her natural hair journey in 2010 as a college student in need of a healthy and convenient lifestyle change when it came to her hair.

“I began my natural hair journey in 2010 after many failed attempts to perm my hair on my own. Being a college student and away from home, I didn’t have the funds to go to a stylist and my mother, who had always permed my hair growing up, was about 3 hours from my school. I opted at that time to stop using perms and either straighten my hair or wear weaves,” she said. “[Because of this] It took about two years for me to transition the damage out of my hair. I stopped using flat irons and curling irons and trimmed regularly until all of the damage was gone.”

Her hair is flourishing today, however, and she now uses UFD products to keep it growing and healthy. After the Craft Your Curls Holiday campaign, Mimi started using our products on a regular basis and we are happy to welcome her into our community of faithful Funky Junkies!

Mimi achieved this wash ‘n go using Curly Magic Curl Stimulator!

“[Before the campaign,] I had never heard of the brand so I researched the ingredients and was very impressed with the quantity of natural ingredients in their products! I pride myself on only promoting quality brands,” she said. “I had my absolute BEST wash ‘n go from using the Curly Magic Curl Stimulator! My hair had never felt the way it felt after I used my UFD products. Pairing Curly Magic with Glossy helped my curls look and feel moisturized, elongated, and polished!”

Allowing your hair to grow naturally isn’t always easy, but we work to make it  beautiful, and worth it. We’re always happy to see that our customers are seeing that and we honor that!

“UFD has proven that it doesn’t take a bunch of harsh chemicals to manage and care for natural hair,” she said. “With so many brands, Youtube tutorials, and product promotions, it’s hard to determine credibility with a lot of products on the market. Due to my many failures with my natural hair, I do a lot more research when it comes to what I put in and on my hair.”

She advises all curly girls to do the same! Research what your hair loves (and doesn’t), try new things, and be careful about the products and processing you use. Most importantly, learn to love your hair from the roots!

“I no longer look at my hair as nappy or my afro as untamed. I have an increased confidence spewing when I wear my natural hair because I know I possess something that is unique and different,” she said. “I am motivated to learn about what my hair loves and what my hair hates. It has provided me with opportunities to educate, showcase, encourage and motivate other naturalistas!”

Be sure and follow this beauty on Instagram, @tothebeat1, and stay tuned for her funky, fabulous future!





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