Who Said You Can’t Keep Your Curls After Going Straight?

Naturals can’t wear their hair straight! That’s a common phrase that lingers around the natural hair community but has been proven to be false. Natural hair is versatile, durable and uncategorized.  Twenty three year old blogger, Lexi Marcella began her healthy hair journey in 2011. Her hair is definitely something to lust over! You can now hear about it from Lexi, herself.

Curls take some time to straighten; these tips help Lexi in her process!

I began blogging shortly after and have since received many questions about my natural hair — straight and curly. Even after a short time period of growing and caring for my natural hair, I quickly learned that heat styling can really damage your natural curls. (Therefore, I only straighten my hair about once a year!) Since it takes me QUITE a bit of time (about two hours) to straighten my length of hair, I have to make it last! So I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way and want to share them with you guys.

Proper preparation, styling, and maintenance is important! Not only do I aim for longevity of my straightened hairstyle, I want to keep my natural curls healthy as well. I was always told that when it comes to straightening naturally curly hair, using a minimal amount of product is the way to go. Adding too many products can weigh the hair down and make the finished product look “greasy” on day one. This can cut down the duration of the hairstyle. Having a solid routine is key! Briefly, I’ll be taking you through my straight hair routine.

After I wash my hair and prep for the heat, I like to add a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Using a product like Thirsty Curls Leave In Curl Revitalizer is ideal because it comes in a spray form for easy control. It lightly mists the hair providing some moisture without the heavy feel. I then proceed with my straightening routine.

Protecting these curls is a hard job when straightening!

In order to maintain my straight hair and keep it looking as fresh as day one, I use the Glossy Finishing Hair Polish. I lightly spray this on the ends of my hair, only. Adding a light polish like Glossy can help add moisture and shine especially when the ends start to look dull or frizzy. I never add any product to the roots of my hair because as the week progresses, the body will naturally produce oils there. The key to straight hair is keeping it light!

Now since my hair is longer I can’t wrap it up at night or fit it into a bonnet. To help protect my hair while I sleep, I lay on a satin pillowcase and toss my hair to the side of me. Luckily, I’m not a wild sleeper! In the morning, I brush out my hair and touch up any spots that need it. During this time, I find that spraying a little Glossy can really help keep the frizz at bay. Coating the strands with an oil or serum is my secret to prevent my hair from reverting back. It adds a little layer of protection from any outside moisture.

That’s it! I’d love to know your straightening processes or any tips and tricks you have as well! Comment under this post and follow me on social media at @leximarcellaa!



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