Thank God for Growth: Nicole’s Natural Hair Journey

When we look at throwback photos of us from high school, or they pull themselves to the top of our Facebook feeds (most times to our dismay), we often get a jolt of memories. Do you remember your first driver’s license photo? Did you have braces or acne or relaxed hair? Most importantly… have you transformed since then? We all take a look back at who we used to be, how we used to look, and are grateful for change.

Our funky feature for this month, Nicole sure is, and she even uses that driver’s license photo as a benchmark for progress in her natural hair journey! As a part of life’s many twists and turns, Nicole made the choice to start her journey nearing the end of her high school career, and her most recent photo shows how her curls have flourished over time. Now, a college student at George Mason university, Nicole is learning to appreciate the growth there and in many aspects of her life.

We love featuring real Funky Junkies who loves our products, just as you do!

“My natural hair journey has be a series of trials and tribulations. I was the first one in my immediate family to “go natural” after transitioning for a year,” she said. “The most rewarding thing from my natural journey thus far has been the progress pictures…Seeing the high-school aged girl with relaxed hair blossoming into the 20-something college student with a huge afro was an incredible revelation.”

Since then, she has taken that inspiration and created a means to share it with curlfriends everywhere. Sometimes it takes major change for you to find out who you really are and what inspires you! Blogging has become an outlet and a way for her to scratch that creative itch. (Follow her on Instagram at @nicolenxcxle!)

“Natural hair has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and my means of expressing myself. One of the most enjoyable things about having natural hair is the natural hair community in life and on social media,” she said. “It has allowed me to redefine my definition of beauty as well as grow my audience on Instagram with features, recognition from brands, and collaborations with companies such as Uncle Funky’s Daughter!”

Uncle Funky’s Daughter has hosted a few campaigns that involve bloggers like Nicole so our customers can see how real Funky Junkies get down! (Aka use our products, the funk took over.) She has been on our radar for quite some time and participated in our winter Craft Your Curls campaign!

Did you know one of Nicole’s faves, Curly Magic, is now in Walmart?!

“Uncle Funky’s Daughter discovered me! When I received the message to be a part of the #CraftYourCurls campaign, I was ecstatic to receive the products,” she said. “I am so thankful to have been a part of the campaign as it sparked my creativity and allowed me to connect with other influencers!”

We’re elated to know she loves the brand and is excited to share it with you! Her favorite product is a go-to for our customers with “Well Put Together” or Type 4 curls, Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème.

“[Extra Butter] is great for my twist outs and braid outs and I love the Curly Magic Curl Stimulator for defining my 4C curls for wash n’ gos!”

We’re a brand that enjoys making products to fit, nurture (and grow!) waves and curls all over, something our Funky Junkies love about us! Per Nicole, “Uncle Funky’s Daughter has a great selection of starter and maintenance products for naturalistas of all curl patterns. The website has a very useful feature for the beginning stages of going natural and the brand is also very active with their community on social media!”

Have you checked it out yet? Check out what we suggest for your curls by pattern here, and follow us on Instagram @unclefunkysdaughter!



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    1. Hi There! We typically recommend our Thirsty Curls Leave In Curl Revitalizer and/or Good Hair Conditioning Styling Creme with Curly Magic for a defined, hydrated wash & go. Hope this helps!

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