Uncle Funky’s Daughter: A World of Curls

Wondering if Uncle Funky’s Daughter products work for your hair? Have you struggled to find products that compliment your hair texture or type? In lieu of our upcoming appearance at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, we wanted to touch base with our funky junkies we may run into and let you know we have a product for each and every one of you!

We make it our mission to cater to every curl in the world! Paraben, sulfate and overall junk-free, our product line includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, curl definers and stylers using renewable plant resources of aloe, coconut and olive as bases. Our products not only tame frizz and cleanse your tresses, they help maintain your hair’s overall health. We put the good in and keep the junk OUT!

@_Bubsbee uses our Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème on her Well Put Together locks to get looks like THIS!

We think its important to stay away from “typing” as much as possible, but its good to know the characteristics so we know whats best for our hair. Let us break them down for you, our way!

Well Put Together: This kinky hair texture consists of tiny “Z” shaped ringlets and shallow to deep “S” curls. Coarse, densely packed and tightly coiled, these curls are very fragile and should be treated as such! They’re often referred to as 4a, 4b and 4c curl patterns.

Whole Lotta Body: These stretched, loose, loopy “S” curls, bouncy medium ringlets and tight corkscrew curls have lots of volume and generally fine texture. They’re commonly associated with 3a, 3b and 3c curl patterns.

Frizzy Gillespie: This texture, more prominently known as “wavy,” has stretched, medium and less defined “S” shaped waves. Its commonly referred to as 2a, 2b, and 2c curl patterns.

With all that said, we want to step in and say that if your curls have any of these traits, we have something for you!

For our Well Put Together curlfriends, we suggest products that are super moisturizing that help keep the frizz down. Truth is, these curls can actually be very moisturized and not appear to be so & need a little added shine! Thus, our top recommendation is our Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème. We launched this product for curlies with tight, coily hair. Its thick, creamy consistency is very rich in nutrients derived from coconut oil, shea butter and palm kernel oil — all of which protect strands from potentially harmful elements. It works greatly as a styler, serves perfectly for twist outs and braid outs and helps maintain a soft hold, minus the crunch or build up. It is sure to help your curls look and feel like butter (pun intended).

@kayla.janelle_ refreshes her curls with a Whole Lotta Body with Thirsty Curls Leave-In Curl Revitalizer!

For our curlies with a Whole Lotta Body, Supercurl Miracle Moisture Crème and Thirsty Curls Leave-in  Curl Revitalizer are likely to suit your haircare needs. Supercurl works as a curl definer, moisturizer and detangles curls with ease. It contains shea butter, soybean oil and coconut oil, making it extremely hydrating! Its a looser formula compared to Extra Butter, making it the perfect consistency for looser, bouncier curls. Thirsty Curls helps revive curls, minus the trouble of re-washing and helps maintain body and moisture. A winning duo!

Our Frizzy Gillespie curlfriends don’t need heavy products like our butters to keep their hair in line, so we recommend lighter products. Our Midnite Train Leave-in Conditioner and Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème work wonders for our customers with wavier hair textures.  Good Hair is a soft-hold formula that will instantly detangle, provide moisture, de-frizz and add shine to your hair — and it smells delicious! Midnite Train works as a spray in, leave-in conditioner, perfect to apply after a fresh wash and conditioning (check out our cleansers and conditioner on our site, here).

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, thoughtful brand and having a little something for all our Funky Junkies. We appreciate all the shares, comments, that come through social media and support in our business… and we look forward to seeing you at the show!


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