Renee’s Corner: Silk for Your Soul; Clay for Your Curls!

A couple of weeks ago, we posed a question on social media: What new products would you like to see from us? We put our heads together to create products you felt were missing from your UFD haircare routine and needs. After lots of hard work, I am overjoyed to present Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque and Bye-Bye Buildup Conditioning Cleanser!

Heal & Renew is our brand’s new deep conditioner, curated to give your curls some healin’.

Let me just tell you about these two beauties, Funky Junkies:

Heal & Renew gives new life to your curly tresses and has a tingle you won’t be able to resist! It’s fortified with silk protein; blended with organic baobab, argan, organic peppermint, and avocado oils; and infused with aloe vera juice to replenish moisture for a treatment as deep and beautiful as your Funky Soul. (Side note: Baobab oil comes from seeds of the fruit that blooms on baobab trees found in Africa, Arabia and Australia, also known as “The Tree of Life.”) Its formula was specifically curated to strengthen stands, prevent damage root to end, and maintain overall hair health (because that’s what we do).  Your scalp will feel silky smooth and your curls will get a healin’ they can’t refuse. Got the feelin’ for some healin’? We’ve got you covered!

Say “Bye Felicia!” to pesky buildup with our new rhassoul clay fortified co-wash, Bye-Bye Buildup!

Bye-Bye Buildup Conditioning Cleanser isn’t afraid to say “Bye Felicia!” to that pesky buildup without over-washing or damaging those awesome curls you’ve worked so hard to get and keep. That’s what happens when you infuse a conditioner with rhassoul clay straight from the heart of Mother Earth’s mountains, swirl in some aloe vera, and add avocado and coconut oils. Rhassoul clay has extreme but gentle cleaning properties and works beautifully on hair. It’s perfect for a not-so-typical co-wash — you expect me to spice it up and keep it natural! Bye-Bye Buildup is the perfect balance of strength and gentleness for your co-wash. Bye, Felicia.

We introduced these our new family members at the World Natural Hair Show this past weekend to much acclaim!!! Check out our Instagram page to find out what Funky Junkies are saying, so far. These products are now available on our website, Amazon and select boutique retailers!

Uncle Funky’s Daughter works to be as inclusive, innovative and as squeaky clean as possible. We use sustainable, vegan-friendly ingredients and we keep our furry friends safe and away from product testing (as they should be, everywhere!). I’d like to personally thank YOU for supporting the growth of UFD and let you know, first-hand, there’s STILL more to come!!

Forever Funky,


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