Three Ways to Shop for Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration used to honor mothers for not only giving birth but loving endlessly, caring beyond measure and pouring their all into their offspring. Every mother, especially your mom deserves to feel special! We buy our moms something every year: new earrings, scarves, and handbags, but this year, we want to switch things up! How about new hair products? A simple stop at Walmart, RiteAid, CVS or Target to grab your mother’s favorite Uncle Funky’s Daughter products couldn’t be easier!

To guide your Mother’s Day gift giving, here are 3 different gift bundles you can use to cater to your mother’s curly girl needs:

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be fun! Make it thoughtful to show appreciation.

1.      Relaxing Wash Day:
We all know wash day can be pretty tedious, but to help your mother ENJOY her wash day even more, how about you both do it together?! It’s my hope that it’ll be just like the old days of your mom styling your hair in the kitchen (I know you remember). I recommend using the Squeaky Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Mask, both available at, and her preferred UFD styler. Uncle Funky’s Daughter offers Supercurl Miracle Moisture Crème ad Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Crème (great for kinkier hair types!). My Mom loves the Curly Magic Curl Stimulator on her TWA!

(By the way, Uncle Funky’s Daughter is running a promotion all month long! Use code: THANKSMOM for 15% off your entire purchase!)

2.      Shop Together:

Shop the UFD product family for the perfect gift for mom! Every curly girl loves perfect curls!

I think every girl’s favorite past time is shopping! What better way to spend some quality time with your mom, have a nice lunch, then heading over to Target and shopping for your UFD favs! To make it more interesting, you both can pick which products would work best for each other’s hair routine. At Target, you can find Defunk Hair Refresher Tonic, Thirsty Curls Leave-In Curl Revitalizer, Curly Magic and the Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit, perfect for on the go moms!

3.      Make a Gift Basket:
If your mom is super busy, you might just want to gift her with something she can use on her own time. Stop by your local Target or Walmart and grab all your mother’s favorite items! Make sure she has everything she needs to cover her wash day from start to finish. To add a special touch, top the gift basket off with a deep conditioning cap, styling utensils, and a spray bottle for the best styling experience.

Hopefully you’ve found these Mother’s Day gift ideas helpful, and can pick one of the three options that best fits you and your mother’s lifestyles. Feel free to add your own spin and special touch to make sure it’s sincere, from the heart and filled with love. Happy Mother’s Day to all the biological and spiritual moms!

Love, @BriaLarine (IG, YouTube, Twitter)


2 Replies to “Three Ways to Shop for Mom this Mother’s Day”

  1. I recently tried Uncle Funky’s daugther for the first time with the travel kit. Omg I luv these products. When I tell you that Thirsty Curls and that Extra Butter will be my new staples. The Curly Magic I was relucent to try because everyone on youtube kept saying you change the formula; but I luv this stuff. Unfortunately, for me; I missed the 2Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show 🙁 in Atlanta. A sista is just hurting, I heard yall kill’d it at the hair show. Do you have any specials coming up for Mother’s Day or deals?
    sign newbie to the Uncle Funky’s Daugther family

    1. Hi There! Uncle Funky’s Daughter is running 15% off all orders over $50 + free shipping all month with code: THANKSMOM! You’ll also receive sample sizes of the new products, Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque and Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner!

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