When Life Gives You Flowers, Put Them In Your Hair!

Being a woman in this day and age requires a lot of internal strength. Women are required to know themselves, know the world and know that beauty is coveted but not required. Since Uncle Funky’s Daughter is part of the booming beauty industry, we often focus on the external entities of beauty, and work to empower women from the outside in. Embracing our natural hair is one of the things that help us exude confidence in who we really are. We’d say blogger, Kayla Janelle would agree.

“What do I love about being a woman? Everything,” she said. “We are life’s source, and we are needed to bring more beautiful souls onto this Earth. Women are becoming more aware of their true potential and it’s beautiful.”

Being a woman with natural hair requires confidence and the ability to adapt.

Kayla is a hard-working 25-year-old who is obsessed with all things hair and beauty related. She’s currently a health care provider by day and cosmetology student by night. She says her ultimate goal is to become a stylist that women with natural hair know and trust. Embracing and learning her natural hair texture was not easy, but the journey has made it well worth it. We all have our own story of how this came about, and Kayla does, too!

“My natural hair journey started off as a two month no heat challenge with a friend of mine,” she said. “My hair was bleached blonde and looked straight when it was wet. The only thing that would curl was my roots. The first month taught me that you can’t revert heat damage, so I decided to cut my damaged hair off in stages. Months went by and I was so excited when my hair finally started to look healthy and gain its curl pattern back.  Once I saw my curls I decided that heat was no longer for me and I wanted healthy hair.”

Kayla loves Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Curly Magic Curl Stimulator for everyday styling!

Subsequently, Kayla found UFD on social media and hasn’t turned back since.

“I discovered Uncle Funky’s Daughter on Instagram,  and shortly after, I saw the products in Target! I can’t say no to new products so I had to try them out.”

Uncle Funky’s Daughter strives to provide a product line that services curly girls everywhere! We make it so there’s a product for each and every one of you to get your curl needs. Kayla has a couple favorites of her own!

“My favorite products are Uncle Funky’s Daughter Squeaky [Deep Cleansing] Shampoo because it literally leaves my hair feeling super clean and it doesn’t strip my hair, and my favorite gel is Curly Magic [Curl Stimulator] because I love a gel that doesn’t leave my hair feeling extremely hard and gives me definition for days!”

We like to take the time to highlight some of our favorite Funky Junkies and found Kayla absolutely stunning! Follow her to see how she uses her #GoodFunkyStuff at @Kayla.janelle_!





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