Renee’s Corner: Busy Mom Breakdown


Being a mom on the go has it’s challenges, but its vital we take care of ourselves, too!

Life as a hard-working mom can be exciting and overwhelming all in one breath. We spend so much time caring for others, in all aspects, that we have to strategically plan getting ourselves together every. single. day. This applies to our hair care routines, too! I have three young daughters myself, twin girls (now age five!) and my youngest who’s two — all of whom need their hair done night and day. (PLUS my son who’s curls also need a little love too!) But this article isn’t about them! I just want to share how I keep my own hair healthy and under control despite my busy schedule, and give other moms some tips to help out

  1. Keep It Simple: Most of you who have seen me in photos or at shows know that my go to style is the Wash and Go or a chunky Braid out. It’s because I simply have limited time in the morning to style my hair…and my personal night time routine must be quick. If that’s you too, then grab my fav — Extra Butter Curl Forming Crème — and create about 6 chunky plaits, put on your bonnet and head to bed. The next morning, simply unbraid, finger style and go. Apply eyeliner, powder and lipstick and you’ve got enough to make it through the day!
  2. Make Sure to Deep Condition: Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget about overall maintenance. Take some time while the kiddos are in the bath or while doing things around the house to deep condition your hair. I try to push for once every two weeks on Thursday evenings (my self proclaimed “me time”) during my wash day routine.
  3. Sport a Protective Style: Taking a Sunday evening out to do a twist out can pay off more than you know. Not only can you wear them for a few days afterward (down, half up, pinned, your choice!), but once you take them down, you’re likely to have flawless curls to last you through the weekend. Twist outs are another go-to for this exact reason. In the summer, you may also opt for braids or faux twists to give your hair the ULTIMATE break. Just remember to keep that protective style moisturized with a leave-in conditioner!

    Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner is UFD’s new co-wash you’re sure to love!


  4. Co-wash to Save Time: Co-washing saves a step for me if I need to go ahead and wash my hair but don’t have the time for the full on wash-day routine. For co-washing, I am loving our new Cleansing Conditioner, Bye-Bye Buildup! The rhassoul clay (also known as Moroccan clay) detoxes your hair while the avocado oil, organic aloe vera and coconut oil tame frizz and nourish it.
  5. Drink ALL the Water You Can: I know, I know. Eight glasses of water is a lot to take (and to pour!) but, as you know, our bodies are 70% water, so we have to give them what they need. When I don’t drink enough, everything starts to break down, and even my hair has a freak out! I sit a glass of water on my nightstand each night before I go to bed, so I can sip on it before I fall asleep and when I wake up the next morning. (BONUS: Drinking a lot of water also helps reduce the amount of food you eat.) Try it! You’ll be happier with yourself, you’ll FEEL healthier, and your hair will be happy with you too!

We all have a part in keeping our families together and looking the part. We pay attention to all the other aspects of our lives and bodies, and have to remember that our hair needs some lovin’ too. Try and devote some time to not only the convenient styling of your hair, but to its overall health and growth. You’ll be glad you did!


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