Bye-Bye Buildup; Hello Beard Care!

June is Men’s Month here at Uncle Funky’s Daughter! In lieu of Father’s Day, we are taking some time out to acknowledge and celebrate the men in our families. We’ll be chatting you guys up on beard care and how men can use UFD products for their hair, too! Hopefully our fierce, female Funky Junkies have it in their hearts to share their #GoodFunkyStuff with you … but we’re hoping to provide some inspo for you to grab your own!

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Aside from celebrating the fathers in the UFD community, we’ll be featuring some of you fellows out there and providing hair care tips for the summer! We are so happy to have such a vast array of customers and work to include EVERYONE. In addition, we’ll be hosting a giveaway, as we have partnered with DG Grooming Essentials, a high-quality brand focused on men’s skin and beard care. This brand works to deliver the message that men who tend to themselves feel better and have more confidence, and those qualities help them excel in all areas of life. DG Grooming Essentials educates and inspires men online and  showcase cool, informative and simple tips, ideas and how-tos. We can definitely be behind a brand like this! In saying that, we’ll be giving away four of their products: The Kai Beard Oil, Hycoo Face Wash, Keen Beard Conditioner and Impish Moisturizer PLUS Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s Shining Star Hair & Scalp Elixir, Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner, Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque and Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème.

And guess what? We’re doing this EVERY week during the month of June (but only on Instagram, enter here)!

In the meantime, we thought to provide some tips for growing and maintaining hair and beards for the men out there who like to look and feel their very best!

It’s summer time and we want your beard to flourish! Follow these tips and tag us in your progress!

  1. Let your facial hair grow wildly, first. It’s actually highly recommended that you stay away from shaping or trimming for at least the first month of trying to grow your ideal beard. This way, you can understand how your hair naturally grows and get an idea of what kind of shapes your beard can take.
  2. Take care of your skin! Just like with your hair (healthy scalp leads to healthy hair), the same principle applies.
  3. Moisturize your skin and hair — head and face — everyday. Try and develop a routine in the morning and another at night, and remember that simple is always great! Find good products that work for you over time (you can start with DG Grooming Essentials), including moisturizers and beard oils that promote growth. If you use anything consistently, it’s likely you’ll start to see results. Consistency is key!
  4. Patience! You’re only human and your body can only move so fast in the process. Continue to follow the previous steps and you’ll be able to accomplish the growth you seek, before you know it!

We’ll be sharing more tips and how to use our products for optimal hair growth on social media, follow us at the handles below and don’t forget to enter the Instagram giveaway!

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