Daddy-Daughter Haircare with @ThisIsKeithJacobs

There’s a common misconception that the mamas solely have the responsibility to wash, prepare and style the kids’ hair in today’s household. This month, as you may have seen, we’ve decided to focus on the strong, awesome dads out there and pay credit where its due! We plan to do a little of that in this article, but with a spin! We sat down with our featured blogger for men’s moth, Keith Jacobs, to chat about fatherhood and how he took the challenge of styling his beautiful girls’ hair. Check it out!

All smiles after daddy-daughter haircare using Curly Magic Curl Stimulator & Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme.


UFD: What motivates you as a father?

Keith: Being a Father brings a bigger sense of self-accountability. Knowing that I am responsible for instilling foundational principles that will carry my girls throughout their life can often be overwhelming, but the fact that I know they are depending on me keeps me going. I am also motivated by knowing that I have a bigger responsibility in changing the social narrative about the presence of the Black dad in the home.

UFD: What advice or tips would you give other fathers with girls?

Keith: BE THERE. There is no amount of money that can replace spending time and nurturing a Father/Daughter relationship. Also, there are no instructional books or classes on how to be a “GOOD” father. Honestly, I never really know what I’m doing, I question myself, and I make mistakes on the daily. I’m learning to spend time with my girls completely in their element. Whether its having a tea party or playing hide and go seek, my hope is to create a foundation where my girls feel comfortable communicating with me in an environment that is free of judgement.

Natural, curly, black hair is a bonding topic in our families. Just ask Keith and his beautiful daughters!

UFD: How would you describe your daughters’ hair?

Keith: Lennox has a kinky curl pattern that she hates to get combed out. Kaileigh (my oldest) has really curly hair with very defined curls.

UFD: How would you manage your daughters’ hair if your wife wasn’t able to do so?

Keith: For me, managing my girl’s hair is a continuous learning process. Understanding their different textures and the hair styles they like, coupled with what limited styles I can actually pull off require my full attention and a bit of effort!

UFD: Have you ever attempted to do their hair and it was an epic fail? What was their reaction?

Keith: Yes! Happens far too often. One time in particular, I was attempting to do Kaileigh’s hair before school, and the struggle was so real, she took the spray bottle and brush out of my hand and proceeded to do her hair herself. It came out pretty good to me, so we rolled with it.

UFD: Do you feel as if hair impacts the family as a whole? How?

Keith: For my girls, especially Kaileigh, I want to them to be open to understanding creative styles while learning how to properly manage and care for their hair. My wife, Jenn, has a really strict hair regimen for the girls that starts at night with combing and wrapping up their hair, and transitions to the morning with the creative styling. I’ve been on the sidelines attentively watching and taking notes for a while, but lately I’ve progressed to a more active role.

UFD: Do you have any future plans for the family centered around the natural hair community? If so, what are they?

Keith: Absolutely. My family’s brand and identity starts with our hair. I’ve been blessed with my beautiful wife and girls and our goal is to authentically share our family dynamic and stories through our natural hair care!

Follow their family journey on Instagram (@thisiskeithjacobs), and we hope you feel that tingly feeling we felt reading their story (plus, how adorable are they?)!


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