Making the Most of Summer Vacation with UFD

The best part about summer is vacations, and of course, every naturalista feels she has has 2 options: wearing a protective style, or finding a hairstyle that is long lasting, and easy to refresh. I am always up for having my hair out, so it is likely that I will be rocking my ‘fro all vacation long! How you set your hair before you board the plane will ensure your hair will stay cute from day one through seven. Even if it’s super humid out, a huge ‘fro never hurt nobody!

On the go with the Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit!

For any trip, before I leave for take off, I style my hair in a defined wash & go because they are super easy to refresh and look great in all stages.  I initially start by washing and deep conditioning my hair before I go on vacation, so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m there. After deep conditioning with the Heal and Renew Intensive Hair Masque, I stick with 2 products that work wonders for my wash & goes: Thirsty Curls Leave In Curl Revitalizer and Curly Magic Curl Stimulator. I saturate my hair with Thirsty Curls, as it is a moisturizing, luxe spray, then follow up by shingling small sections of the Curly Magic gel throughout my hair. I let it air dry, but without touching it to make sure I reduce the chances of frizz!

Once my hair is 100% dry, I lightly fluff it… then GO! As the days go on, my hair will get bigger. So that I can keep my hair fresh, I stop by my local CVS, to grab The Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit, which is filled with everything I need to refresh my curls when needed.It includes two leave ins, two stylers and a gel; plus, all the products are travel friendly, in two ounce bottles and jars! 

The Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit fits perfectly in your luggage!

While I’m on my vacation and enjoying myself, it is likely that my hair will need a touch up. When that happens, I simply shower without a shower cap, allowing the steam to add moisture and refresh. I then grab my travel kit, spray Thirsty Curls throughout my hair, and twirl the ends of my hair around my finger with the Curly Magic. By the time I’ve finished getting dressed, my hair’s dry and I am ready for fun in the sun all over again!

The travel kit comes in handy SO MUCH, and makes everything simple and convenient. It’s the perfect size to even go through TSA and even comes in a small plastic case to fit perfectly in your luggage. I highly recommend you pack Uncle Funky’s Daughter Travel Kit with you the next time you travel; you’ll thank me!


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