Big Decisions Blossom Beautiful Hair!

Sometimes, making the decision to go natural is more simple than most of us believe it to be. When it comes to how we look and how others may perceive us, we have a tendency to overthink our beauty. Funky Junkies, remember: keep it simple. Just as @AlongCameMyzha’s do, your curls will speak for themselves.

I’d say my natural hair journey is pretty simple,” Myzha says. “Not in a bad way, but as simple as: I made a decision, I cut my hair, and I felt free. I did my big chop at a time where natural hair was nowhere as big as it is now.”

Myzha is a workforce analyst by day and creates awesome content by night as a blogger.

We’ve hosted many conversations about the inclusion of kinky, curly and natural hair in mainstream media and in the YouTube world… and influencers like Myzha have implanted footprints that make it easier for us naturalistas to relate to and learn from. We all know it hasn’t always been this way, but we celebrate the progression everyday!

Myzha started her natural hair journey by “big chopping,” and just like the rest of us, she has a story. A friend of hers with long, gorgeous, relaxed hair cut hers off whilst Myzha was in college, and it didn’t take long for her to follow suit. She’s a sassy, New Orleans native (she literally says she’s born and raised in the land that taught you how to do it for the 99’s and 2000’s; she’s hilarious, too!) who marches to the beat of her own drum, and people love her for sharing her story through blogging.

“On my way home [after a semester of college], I stopped in Lafayette and had a lady chop it ALL off. Everybody hated it at first. I am pretty sure my mom thought I was on drugs because I was always the girl with the long thick hair,” she said. “My hair used to be all the way down my back, so for me to have little to no hair was definitely a change. As it started to grow back people began to love it and a lot of people slowly but surely started to jump on the natural train.”

This life decision sparked something in Myzha that pushed her to inspire others by promoting beauty, strength and positivity. Everyone has a mantra, a motto or inspirational quote that keeps them open and moving forward, and so does she.

“I learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”— Maya Angelou

Myzha makes it a point to fill people with inspiration and connect with people positively, and this quote is why (awesome right?).

Her fave UFD Product is Midnite Train Leave In Conditioner, perfect for detangling and refreshing her curls!

“I try my hardest to live by this every single day whether I am at work in the office or as a brand ambassador,” she said. “I want each and every person I encounter to know that I am genuine, respectful, and sincere. When people speak of me, I want there to be nothing but positive things following behind [whatever] statement. The whole purpose of me creating AlongCameMYZHA was for me to tell my story and be the person that I needed to see in the public eye when I was younger. I am just like every other late 20s – early 30s female trying to create the life that I want to live, while hopefully inspiring other women along the way.”

We at Uncle Funky’s Daughter strive to and enjoy highlighting women like Myzha — beautiful, strong and naturally curly.

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