Five Tips for Maintaining Your Hair on Vacation

Hair can be a hassle on any given day but when vacationing, no one wants to stress about it! I’m the type of person that still wants to look glamorous while putting in the least amount of effort, so I can focus on enjoying my vacation. I’ve managed to master maintaining my hair for all occasions, and there are a few things that anyone can do to keep it cute on the go.

Head wraps will never go out of style and they can be worn so many ways. I will rock a head wrap if my hair isn’t dry or needs to be protected from harsh weather like extreme sun. If you’re having a beach day with family or friends, tie a head wrap that completely covers your hair. This will prevent your strands from sun damage along with sand that can de difficult to wash out.

Twist out, braid out or wash and go, the Ultimate Travel Kit has got you covered for vacation!

If you are a wash-n-go girl, this style can be essential for vacationing. Wash-n-gos require low maintenance and don’t require excessive periods of time to create. The Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit has all of the products needed for a wash-n-go. I use Thirsty Curls as a leave-in conditioner, Extra Butter Curl Forming Crème for moisture and Curly Magic Curl Stimulator for definition. The best thing about a wash-n-go is that you can let it dry while you’re out! I find I get my best results when I air dry for these types of styles.
Protective styling is always a no fuss option, with an opportunity to get creative! I prefer braids while vacationing because they require little to no work. I tend to lean more towards jumbo braids that aren’t as heavy and are quick and easy to install. I always suggest avoiding protective styles that cause tension on the strands—as the goal is to protect and avoid damage, not welcome it.

There are times when I want to wear my real hair out and during those moments, I keep my styles simple. I will usually prep my hair with a twist or braid out. If I am feeling fancy, I might even do a rod set. As the days pass, I  slowly pick out the hair and change up the styles by doing faux hawks, buns, pinned sides or puffs.

The Ultimate Curly Girls Travel Kit is available at select Walmart stores nationwide!

If all else fails on vacation, wear a hat or two. You can rock twists or braids underneath them. Dad hats are in and the popular vacation fedoras cover the entire head.
With these five tips, you shouldn’t have any issues with maintaining your hair on vacation! Follow me on Instagram for more vacation style inspiration at @iknowleee!

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