Becoming Bold, Brave & Curly

Caring for your natural hair is a personal project, and overall, a journey of growth in many aspects. We understand that word is bond and that we often gain our funky junkies’ trust for blog-worthy curls because they’ve heard about the curly magic we’ve got in store (pun intended)! We enjoy seeing the posts, tags and mentions — they’re the highlights of our days! So many kinky and curly girls out there are flaunting their hair without a care in the world, and are working every day to make our products more accessible to you all… So thank you!

At first, it is difficult to go from silky straight to big, bold curls, but here’s proof its possible to make the change!

Every month, show a little appreciation toward our customers, a simple way of saying we see you, and we appreciate you and all your shout outs and recommendations. This month in particular, we’re highlighting the lovely, Ronnesha (@amorxnesha on Instagram), a young, hardworking grad student with awesome curls! She gives us curlspiration on a regular basis. She currently works full-time and, amazingly, is also an entrepreneur alongside her best friend. We think it is awesome that she, like many of you, takes time away from her regular job to work hard for and educate herself — all while looking FAB and nourishing her curls. It wasn’t easy to start, but she pushed through, and her curls are flourishing now!

As a full time-employee & grad student, Ronnesha makes it a point to still make her own dreams come true! Be bold!

“I was very self-conscious about my hair in my adolescent years. I didn’t like my hair to be big and natural because I thought people would make fun of me,” she said. “For a very long time while growing up, I thought that coarse hair could only be manageable with a relaxer. I had a “big chop” in 8th grade after my mom asked me if I wanted a bob (my hair had so many split ends). I said, ‘Sure!’ not knowing a bob meant my mid-back length hair would be cut to the length of my ears. I cried that day, but I started my natural hair journey in high school because I wanted to be free of harmful chemicals and free of societal expectations.”

We’ve seen this as the case for a lot of our funky junkies, and think every naturalista reaches a point where it’s time to break free and grow into becoming our natural selves, despite what others may think or say. We all have that initial fear of how our loved ones will respond…And how our jobs will respond. Ronnesha can attest to that as a professional who isn’t ashamed to wear her curls boldly and proudly.

“Although there is an enormous increase in natural hair appreciation, there is still a negative stigma associated with women of color wearing their natural hair. Our hair is still being penned as ‘unprofessional and wild,’ especially when it comes to those with type four hair,” she said. “All textures are beautiful and should be accepted. Despite what society says about our natural hair, we have to continue to confidently display our beautiful kinky, curly, coily manes until they have no choice but to accept it!”

Making the choice to stand in solidarity with your natural sisters, when you think of it that way, makes it easier. Uncle Funky’s Daughter supports and tips its hat to you! For more curlspiration, check us out on social media, and be sure and tag us in your posts showing off your bold beauty!

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