Work, Work, Don’t Stop!

It’s that time again for school to start, which means it’s also time for me to start work again, being that I work in a school. Managing natural hair for the work week does not have to be a task that you dread every morning before you head out of the door. For me, styling my hair in the morning is the last thing that I want to be worried about when I am trying to start my day. I don’t know about you guys, but my wash day is usually on a Sunday, so I use that time at the start of the week to deep condition my hair and figure out what hairstyle I am going to be wearing for the rest of week.

Planning ahead helps save so much time during the week when it comes to our hair!

A twist out or a wash and go is usually my go to style because I know it will last, and if I get tired of just wearing my hair down, I can always do different styles with it throughout the week. When I do a wash and go or a twist out, I like to go for a styling product that will give my hair three things: hold, shine, and moisture. I find these things to be most important because they allow for my hair to last the whole week without me doing too much extra to it in the morning. If I am styling my hair in a twist out on Sunday, usually I wake up on that Monday morning, undo my twists, pick my hair out just a bit, and head on out the door.

To preserve my hair throughout the week, I make sure to put a satin bonnet on my hair at night before bed to reduce friction and frizz. Sometimes I like to band my hair with hair ties to stretch it as well. I use these same techniques on those weeks when I style my hair in a wash and go. Once my hair gets to day three, four, and five it usually needs a refresher. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Thirsty Curls Leave- In Curl Revitalizer Spray is definitely a lifesaver on those days because I am able to spray the product on my hair, shake or pick my hair a bit and go! Also, by day three, I’m ready for a different style… my go to style when I want to change it up is a low puff or high/low bun. The puff and bun are so effortless to do and it always saves me a ton of time in the morning.

Remember, don’t make your mornings harder than what they have to be. Prep your hair at the start of the week, make sure to preserve your hair every night, and the options are endless! To see more of my back to work looks, check out my YouTube video, here!




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