Every Curly Girl Has A Story!

The natural hair movement is continuing in full speed, and we are elated to see it! We often receive emails from our Funky Junkies who’ve just come over to the natural side and are happy to help whenever, wherever! In addition to our platforms, natural hair vloggers and influencers are giving us plenty of advice and inspiration. We also enjoy watching them grow alongside our Funky Empire!

Thanks to social media, curly girls from all over the world have started platforms that are blooming and expanding  everyday to chat it up with and inspire our curlfriends. Photo curlspiration is one of our favorites, and it’s valuable to women of color because it not only sparks ideas, but contributes knowledge needed to rock their curls in the best way and what products will get them there. One of the influencers we’ve fallen in love with time and time again is Jhoanny (aka @jojosfro on Instagram), our Funky Junky Feature for this month!

Making the decision to let your curls roam free doesn’t have to be complicated! Every curly girl has a story!

Every woman of color proudly wearing her curls has a story. We find joy in asking you all what your stories are and getting them out there for other naturalistas to read and enjoy as well! We know that finding others in the natural hair community you can relate to helps make the journey more rewarding. I guess what we’re trying to say is… You’re not alone! Starting your natural hair journey isn’t always easy, but after the initial shock (if you even have that!) it all feels refreshing and worthwhile! Jhoanny started her journey in an unorthodox way… While on vacay! Imagine that!

“I went natural when I went on vacation to my hometown, the Dominican Republic (ironic right?) in 2014,” she said. “It was too hot over there and didn’t want to keep getting wash and sets just to sweat it out, so I went on YouTube, found @sunkissedalba and decided I wanted to let my curls flourish.”

Jhoanny found her favorite vlogger and rolled with that! She actually found out about UFD through one of her favorite influencers: @le_frosie! Three years into her journey, she was a part of our Craft Your Curls holiday campaign, and continues to inspire curly girls everywhere with her gorgeous mane! Growing her curls from there has its challenges but she has found processes and products that work for her, including protective styles!

Jhoanny and her hair LOVE our Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème. Check it out at unclefunkysdaughter.com!

“[After I went the natural route] I started deep conditioning once a week, clipping my ends every month, barely using heat, and protective styles were my best friends: three strand twists, Bronx braids, you name it! Without a doubt, my fave UFD product is the Good Hair Conditioning Styling Crème! My hair loves it, and I love it!”

Take it from Jhoanny: Making the choice to become a naturalista or transition doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’ve been waiting to let your curls free, we welcome you!

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