7 Tips for Natural Hair Newbies

Hey Funky Junkies! It’s your favorite indecisive, product junky, sometime hair neglector, Nia here and we’re going to be discussing the beginner’s guide to natural hair, and no, this won’t be one of those “How To Successfully Be Natural Because I Was Born with Perfect Hair and Never Experienced Struggle” type of guides. I have actually been through many trials and tribulations with my hair from heat damage, damage from bleach, balding… You name it!  On the flip side, my curls have also seen brighter days! I’ve been able to reach waist length hair, aid my hair back to health after all of my catastrophes, as well as win the world’s greatest wash n’ go’s award for 5 consecutive years (this isn’t a real award, but if it was, I promise I would win). So nonetheless, I’d like to think I am pretty qualified to provide you all with a Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair.

Hang tight, because I’m going to be hitting you with my seven tips that will make your newly natural journey a breeze.

Curls like this don’t happen overnight! Take good care of your hair and it will thank you!

  • Be patient: It’s hair. Stop searching for instant gratification and thinking if you rub some olive and jojoba oil concoction on your scalp once a week that your hair will miraculously grow eight inches overnight. It’s not happening. What you can (and should!) do is enjoy your journey. Each step of your hair journey should teach you something deep about yourself.

I was so wrapped up in having waist length hair that when I cut nearly 6 inches off I almost felt like a huge piece of my identity was stripped away. I had to really step back and allow internal growth to happen. I had to learn to accept myself without the identity of being “Nia With the Long Hair” and just be Nia.

So my advice is to be YOU! Enjoy your journey each step of the way and quit chasing hair goals that aren’t yours. Your hair will amaze you if you treat it right.

  • Speak positively about your hair and avoid curly envy:

When it comes to the beauty world, I feel like jealously is inevitable, but there’s something about curl envy that makes my blood boil. It’s when you see a fellow king or queen flaunting their beautiful fro, just flowing in the wind and then you sit, reflect and think about your hair and how boring it is (when it’s really not, it’s just as beautiful). Historically, there’s been this constant issue in our community where we focus on looser curl patterns and deem type 4 hair “unruly,” but it’s honestly up to us to uplift and embrace all textures. It starts with YOU.

You have to speak positivity into your hair. Tell your locks that you love them, and even on your worst day, speak positively about your hair because other will follow suit too.

  • Sleep on satin:

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just do it! Constantly rubbing your hair on cotton pillows at night can cause drying, breakage, and frizzy hair. So, either get a nice bonnet or a satin pillow case and literally sleep on satin.

It is very important you find products you love and that your hair loves!

  • Avoid being a product junky:

This one is super hard, just because there are so many products in our market now, but remember, it’s important that you’re not out here going broke trying to keep up with trends and buy products that might not even work for your hair. There are so many resources out here for you decide if a product will work for you. Try following reliable influencers like:





(to name a few) who will provide you with honest and non-bias reviews and truly get to the benefits of the product rather than being wrapped up in the name of the brand.

  • Limit your use of heat:

Let me put it like this: If you put a flat iron or blow dryer to your hair every other day it will burn up. Simple as that. You can’t really expect healthy hair if you are not practicing healthy hair habits. I personally limit my hair to 3-4 uses of heat a year so that I can preserve the integrity of my hair’s health.

  • Drink A LOT of water:

Whenever I check for product I think it’s important I make sure water is the first ingredient because water should be the first ingredient in every step of our lives… So drink it! It’s literally the most hydrating agent out there and is extremely beneficial to all aspects of your growth process.

  • Download the HairDays app:

I didn’t mention it earlier, but I am the CEO of the HairDays app. My app allows you to track and journal your hair growth process and connect with naturals similar to you and share products and regimens.


I hope you guys enjoyed my article and tips… They are tried and true! Follow me on social media, @Niabiafoefia for more!

Peace, love and hair grease!




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