Ctrl + Alt + Do You!

Style, grace and creativity. These are all things we all wish to have in this day and age, especially with the social media industry becoming a marketing tool for putting ourselves out there and showing off our stuff! This month, we’re featuring one of our fab Funky Junkies who’s doing just that! Krystal, known as @krysstylzs on Instagram, has caught our eyes on multiple occasions. Krystal happens to be a fashion consultant and stylist (a stylish woman’s dream, right?!), and she’s based right here in Houston, Texas! As you all know, we enjoy taking the time to get to know you all every time we get the chance, hence our monthly Funky Junky Features here on the ChatBox! So keep reading for more about Krystal, her style, our chat with her and find out how you, too, can be featured!

Like a lot of our Funky Junkies, Krystal stepped out against others’ opinions to rock her natural!

Krystal, like many of you, has a vibrant personality that feeds into everything she does. From running her consulting business to enjoying her free time and hobbies, she’s always on the go and seemingly always FABULOUS!

“I’ve always had a bold personality; as a child you could always find me in the spotlight. My hobbies were singing, dancing and of course, creating,” she said. “Not much has changed in my adulthood. Though I might be the last to grab a mic and sing now, I’m always ready to dance!”

We believe the beauty in people isn’t about what they can control, but what they do when they decide to let go of it! We often take what others say and let them control us, and we eventually come into our true selves when we release others’ ideas of us and just do LIFE. That’s how and why a lot of us start our natural hair journeys… Including Krystal!

I remember watching Girlfriends (the T.V. show) as a child, and thinking, ‘I want to be free-spirited and have big hair like Joan.’ So I decided not to get a perm and to grow my hair out!,” she said. “I went 6 months; then I switched beauticians and the new one said ‘You need a perm!’ I went along with it, but knew in my heart I’d return to natural hair. Hair has always been a large part of my self-expression.” 

Our Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque happens to be one of Krystal’s faves from UFD! Check it out on our site!

Once she took the leap, the next step was finding the right styles and products to fit her new look. Commitment to natural hair requires research! In Krystal’s case, this was a bit easier because she’s based in the same city where Uncle Funky’s Daughter was born (cool, right?)! Once she started using UFD, she couldn’t turn back, her favorite products being the Curly Magic Curl Stimulator, and our *new* products, Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner and Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque!

I remember when Uncle Funky’s Daughter was salon [here in Houston]… and I said ‘Okay, when I go natural, this is where I’m going!’ After my first year as a naturalista, I re-discovered the brand and have been hooked ever since!”

We encourage women everywhere to take chances and learn to love the results. It’s something we at Uncle Funky’s Daughter work to do everyday! We are watching you all grow (with your hair) and love to hear your stories! As Krystal would say, “Everything is achievable.”

Please continue to tag us in your hairstyles, providing feedback on social media and by contacting us; you are helping us grow, too! See you on the other side!

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  1. Looooove this! Krystal is an amazing woman! She’s fashionable, feisty, and fearless! She commands every room she enters and she can really work a crowd honey! Her hair is always poppin’ even she didn’t try, so I’m sure UFD has something to do with that too!! She is definitely one of my hair inspirations so I think I need to try this UFD for myself!!

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