Underneath It All: Protecting Your Hair With Wigs

Protective styling is something many black women are familiar with. The aim of protective styling is to reduce the amount of manipulation done to our natural hair, be it through styling, coloring or heat application, that can cause damage. Protective styles also serve the purpose of allowing us to experiment with different hairstyles and looks. One minute, you could be rocking braids, the next week you could be rocking a sleek red bob, another minute you could be turning heads in a gorgeous afro curly wig; the space for creativity is as vast as you want it to be!

There are SO many ways to protectively style your hair… Including wigs! No fuss, no damage!

With the different methods and options available for protective styling, one option a lot of women gravitate to is using wigs. Wigs give you the widest variety; from inexpensive synthetic wigs to high-end human hair wigs, in different styles and colors. For someone who loves to switch up their look often, this is extremely beneficial! You can also experiment with hair color and heat without the fear of putting your natural hair through any stress.

Wigs are also very convenient, especially for someone who’s always on the go and may not have time to keep restyling. Your natural hair is properly moisturized, braided and tucked away under the wig; this protects it from constant manipulation and damage from free radicals and other environmental factors. You can simply take off the wig anytime you like and allow your scalp breathe. You can style your wig, at your convenience, on a mannequin head and just pop it on and be ready to go.

To reap the full benefits of protective styling with wigs, you have to make sure not to neglect your natural hair under the wig and apply your wig in a safe manner. To prepare your hair for a wig, you need to put it in cornrows with a good moisturizer and leave-in conditioner that lasts. The Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter Curl Forming Crème and Midnite Train Leave-In Conditioner are solid choices. Suitable for all hair types, they make your hair soft and easy enough to braid and they supply adequate amounts of moisture to keep your hair hydrated. After the cornrows are done, you’ll wear a stocking cap (usually $1 at local beauty supply stores) which serves as a barrier to prevent friction between your hair and the wig.

Use these UFD products to hydrate your hair underneath and style your wig, curly or straight!

From time to time, you should apply a good spray or oil to your scalp to cleanse it, keep it hydrated and combat any odors from sweat. I personally prefer sprays as opposed to oils because they are easier to apply and cause less buildup and clogged pores. The Uncle Funky’s Daughter Defunk Odor Neutralizing Tonic is just perfect for this! The product is specifically designed for this purpose and it gets the job done! It cleanses and soothes itchy scalps, has an amazing smell to neutralize odors and it also has the added bonus of stimulating hair growth, A WINNER!

To style your wigs, you also need good products that keep them looking nice and fresh. For kinky curly wigs, Curly Magic Curl Stimulator is good for keeping the curls hydrated (it contains the almighty aloe vera gel), defined and intact without making your wig feel sticky or crunchy. For straight wigs, Glossy Finishing Hair Polish is an amazing finishing product for a nice sleek, polished look.

Whatever your choice for protective styling is, whatever your style of wigs are, always remember to take care of your hair underneath and use good products that get the job done!


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