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We are ecstatic to bring in our new year with all of you fabulous Funky Junkies! We’ll be kicking off this year with new curls and new content for you to enjoy and find inspiration from, and we simply can’t wait! Although all this newness will be occurring, your undying love and support is not. As you may know, we feature one of you every month to show a just a little gratitude and recognition. To kick off our new year, we’ll be highlighting Mia, a fabulous Instagrammer from California. She’s been using our products and tagging us for quite some time, and we couldn’t help but notice!

On a day to day, Mia enjoys working out, vibing out to 90’s R &B and does DIY projects in her spare time. She is a sales and marketing representative by day, with plans of pursuing her passion for beauty as cosmetology school. She juggles all of this, still managing to keep her curls healthy and beautiful with the help of UFD.

She started her healthy hair journey in September 2012, eventually transitioning. Most of her life, she had below shoulder length, thick, relaxed hair, but after a few unhealthy hair choices (such as dying and not properly moisturizing), her hair became damaged. Because of this, she decided to cut her hair into an ear-length bob to get rid of the damaged ends and gain a new start. Although she continued to get relaxers, amazingly, within one year it was almost back to its original length because of overall better hair care. In 2013, she decided to stop using relaxers completely and begin her natural hair transition.

Like Many of our funky Junkies, Mia transitioned to the beautiful curls she has today!

“My plan was to transition for two years,” she said. “Each month, I trimmed between 1/2-1 inch per month which is around my growth rate. One year into my transition, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and chop the remainder of the relaxer off. Although it was an extremely liberating experience, it was also a scary one because I didn’t have a clue how to properly care for my hair.”

Unfortunately, there were not many natural hair care stylists where she lives, so Mia had to rely on natural hair blogs and YouTube to find a regimen that would work for her. Over the next few years, she became a product junkie, and tried everything her favorite bloggers recommended, eventually finding products that work best for her hair.

Mia loves our Curly Magic Curl Stimulator and uses it for wash & goes for results like these! She loves that it elongates and defines her curls and works as a standalone product, which was new for her! If you haven’t tried us out yet, she suggests trying it out ASAP!

Curly Magic Curl Stimulator has changed many hair routines. Check it out at!


“I was introduced to the Uncle Funky’s Daughter brand in March 2018, after I received my first dry curly cut. After cleansing and conditioning, the stylist applied Curly Magic,” she said. “I was skeptical because I typically I use leave in conditioner or hair milk to moisturize my hair before I apply gel. I was shocked at how moisturized, defined and soft my hair was after it completely dried. After I left the salon, I immediately went to Target and purchased a few bottles, and it has been a staple of mine ever since. Anyone that I have recommended Uncle Funky’s Daughter products to immediately falls in love with them!”

We hope this provides a little inspiration for starting off your new year, and we’ll be chatting it up about both standalone and product combos to help your curls stand out on social media!

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