3 Easy Natural Hair Looks for The New Year

Healthy hair is always in! It’s never too late to start your healthy hair journey, and you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to styling, either. Who doesn’t want bomb hair without cutting or coloring it? There are so many ways to change up your look that I continue to gravitate toward — and they can even double as protective styles!

Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque is the perfect deep treatment for your hair before, during & after protective styles.

Whenever you’re in doubt, opt for a wig. It’s something that can literally be thrown on in minutes that completely covers your hair and can be worn for extended periods of time. That’s minimal manipulation on your tresses! I tend to choose extensions that match the natural texture and length of my hair. There’s nothing wrong with fooling others into believing that you wake up stunningly beautiful and well put together on a daily basis, when in reality your hair is braided or twisted in a moisturized state under your wig. I even leave a bit of my edges out for an even more realistic look. However, just because your hair is under a wig doesn’t mean you can neglect it. There are easy methods to moisturizing your hair. If you leave your hair under a wig for over a week or two, simply cleanse with the Uncle Funky’s Daughter Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner, which works as a clay-based cleanser. You don’t even have to remove the braids or twists, just focus the product on the scalp. Following that, apply some Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque for the ultimate moisture replenishment. You can lock in the moisture with Midnite Train Leave-in Conditioner and seal with Shining Star Hair & Scalp Elixir. Your hair will last another week or two. 

Switching up your style doesn’t have to be complicated! There are even wigs out there to match your texture.

We all know that wigs aren’t for everyone, and sometimes people tend to be unsure of exactly how to style them, but there are other options though! Next in line are clip-in extensions or drawstring ponytails. Clip-ins offer versatility in styling. I’ve worn them down to add length or fullness, but I’ve also styled them in updos or slick looks. Surprisingly, you can also protective style with them. There have been plenty of times that my hair has been in two-strand twists and I applied the clip ins directly on top. If clip-ins are a bit too advanced for you, the easiest method is draw string ponytails. This takes no effort and they come in various styles and colors. They can also be rolled and pinned into buns. 

Lastly, there is always the option of braids. Braids can be tricky if they are not installed correctly or cause too much tension on the hair. My recommendation is to go chunky, whether they’re box braids or cornrows. Chunky sections of hair cause less tension and breakage. They are also easier to clean and remove so your hair remains healthier. Braiding styles are endless. 

There’s no excuse as to why you can’t have a new look this new year. Try out these styles and catch me on Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s social media platforms all month, and use my coupon code IKNOWLEEE for 15% off. Happy New Year!!!


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