Can You Say Hair Goals?

All of us naturals have hair goals! Whether it’s length retention, continuous moisture, definition, or developing your perfect hair regimen, we all strive for perfection when it comes to our tresses! Although we might never reach true perfection with our hair, I’ll say that Uncle Funky’s Daughter is a close match to perfection!  I have my staple products that have helped me reach my hair goal, which is: HEALTHY HAIR.

In the beginning of my journey, I was so wrapped up on length, that I was doing a length check almost every day! I was losing sight of what was important, creating a healthy hair regimen to not only retain length, but have my curls healthy and popping in the process. So, here are my recommended Uncle Funky’s Daughter products to help you reach your hair goals.

My first hair goal is HEALTH. Keeping my hair moisturized, conditioned and styled is easy with UFD.

  1. Washing your hair is very important. Keeping a clean and hydrated scalp helps with hair growth. Think about it, a tree needs healthy roots to grow bigger and stronger. Due to the winter, I like to co-wash my hair once a week with Bye-Bye Buildup Cleansing Conditioner. This light lather co-wash does a great job of cleaning your scalp, while keeping your hair soft and hydrated. It also has amazing slip, making it great for finger detangling.
  2. Deep conditioning is THE MOST important step of your regimen, in my opinion. It provides long lasting hydration to your hair, and it gives your hair the special treatment it needs to stay protected. I can proudly say that the Heal and Renew Intensive Hair Masque instantly melts any tangles I have; plus, it instantly softens and moisturizes my hair. It gives a cool tingling sensation that gives the scalp major relief! Once it has been rinsed out, your hair will feel and look amazing!

    Heal & Renew is the perfect deep conditioner for my curls. It’s awesome for refreshing and detangling!

  3. Styling is your choice. For some, a simple Wash ‘n Go will do, but for others like me, the staple style is a twist out. Layering products works best for me to achieve my best styles and I’ve come up with the best combination of products to receive my best style no matter which one I want to achieve. I start with Thirsty Curls Leave-In Curl Revitalizer, spraying a nice amount to coat the hair. It slightly foams up once you spray it on, so don’t go overboard – a little goes a long way. Next, I add Supercurl Miracle Moisture Crème to give my curls moisture and define my curls. You can stop there and begin to set your hair in various styles, but I like to go in with my holy grail, Curly Magic Curl Stimulator. Curly Magic has a gel consistency and provides moisture and a strong hold with no crunch. My styles last for up to 5 days without refreshing my curls… Now that’s #HAIRGOALS!

Remember, the best way to achieve any hair goal, is a healthy hair care regimen. Develop a consistent routine with awesome products from Uncle Funky’s Daughter and see your goals become reality!


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  1. Hello. Im partnering with colleges in Virginia to host a Healthy Hair Chat. I would love to have you partner with us as a in-kind sponsor. Is there a contact you could direct me to so we could further discuss how we could get Uncle Funky’s Daughter involved. The goal is to offer information and resources to create healthier hair care regimens for college students. As a hairstylist, I often have college students return with breakage after being away at school. I would love to talk with you more about this opportunity to collaborate.

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