4 Life Lessons Your Natural Hair Journey Can Teach You

Having natural hair is hard at times. It’s something our world has just recently begun to accept, and is finally starting to celebrate. It is trying, and educating, but can be rewarding in more ways than one. Some would call it a “beautiful struggle.” Our hair teaches us many things we don’t recognize in the moment, and our Funky Junkies are true testaments of some of the growth and support aspects of the natural hair community.

Take Dominique, an educator and freelance makeup artist in the Bronx. She has had a natural hair journey of several years, and still keeps learning and pushing the limit.

“My natural hair journey has been a fun one,” she says. “I’ve probably big chopped about 3 times (due to mostly having fun colors in my hair), with this time being the last time!”

Natural hair gives YOU the chance to try things out before commitment. Try our Ultimate Travel Kit, now!

So, first, natural hair teaches you that it’s okay to start over.

Each time we start over (when it comes to our hair or our entire lives), we try something new each time. Whether we put the pedal to the metal, or try slow, intricate moves, ultimately, we know it’s up to us. Dominique is trying the latter this go around.

I’ve decided to keep [my hair] jet black and do my finger coils and twist outs to keep it going.”

Natural hair teaches you perseverance.

We all know natural hair comes in many colors, shapes and patterns, and most of us have switched up our own styles to fit our needs, wants and personalities. From hair that grows long and downward, to hair that’s styled up and out, Black hair is interchangeable. It’s art.

Natural hair teaches you to be versatile.

Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme is an excellent go-to when it comes to moisturizing curly and kinky hair!

I discovered Uncle Funky’s Daughter from watching twist out videos on YouTube, and I went to my local target to pick up the sample pack since it had the Supercurl Miracle Moisture Crème and Extra Butter Curl Forming Crème,” she said. “I ended up really loving the Extra Butter, and ordered it. I love how defined my curls come out after using it, and my hair has a nice shine to it when I unravel my twists.”

Dominque has tried multitudes of products, but because she was willing to try new ones and learn what her hair loves, she found luck with Uncle Funky’s Daughter products.

Natural hair shows you what you like, and to go get it.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter is always proud to display our Funky Junkies and share our teachable moments with you! Stay tuned for more of our appreciation as we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary all year long! If you want to know just how we’re celebrating, subscribe to our email list. Keep it funky, and keep learning, curlfriend!





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