Renee’s Corner: 3 Tips for Surviving March Madness

Let me just say… March has been crazy! A part of being a mom, a wife and a CEO all at once is finding balance in the chaos, and I’m working to do that every day. After a few deep breaths and locking my office door, I’ve sat down to write this article to express myself for a moment, in the most positive way. It’s super important to express gratitude during your challenges; it makes it all worthwhile.

Let’s start to the craziness. One of my daughters accidentally flooded our upstairs bathroom, causing a major flood. The result?  Major home renovation. Next beast: Trade show season. As I’ve said before, trade show season is one of the BEST times of year for Uncle Funky’s Daughter. The Hue Affair in Austin was a major success, and we’re now on our way to Bronner Brothers for the very first time! We’ll also be hitting Hue NY, BeautyCon LA, BeautyCon NY, New Orleans Natural Hair Expo and more! In preparation for this, a lot of processes have to happen on our end to ensure the most fun and productive show! This also means that some of our team and I have to travel nearly every week and still manage our lives at home.

We are working to expand, nationally, every day! Thank you for being a part of our growth!

Enough about me! If you find that stakes have been a little high in your life lately, no worries! Here are three tips for doing it all:

Be Patient!

Patience isn’t always the easiest thing to be when you’re super busy (or even overwhelmed), but it’s crucial to take your time and get things right. Have compassion for those around you and keep pushing! Patience is one thing that really helps milestones feel like milestones. Remember that it’ll pay off in the end!

Implement Self Care Whenever Possible.

Indulge whenever you get a moment — Whatever that means for you! For me, its a nice glass (or two!) of wine, and if I’m really treating myself, I’m booking a spa day, stat! Reward yourself, whether small or large, with something that makes you feel good or that helps you keep balance.

I work so hard, as many moms do, for my little ones and my legacy. It’s just the beginning!

Let Stuff Go.

Life isn’t perfect! We all make mistakes and go through disappointments, but those things don’t define us or our success! Take the lesson, and recognize that if something doesn’t go well, it’s not always a loss. Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” So, ultimately, what you do with your lessons are up to you, whether you allow them haunt you or you move the heck on!

Through all the madness and challenges, these three pieces of advice are what have kept me going! Comment below with any advice you’d give to a busy bee and how you manage to keep going!


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