Embrace Your Crown: The Key to an Empowered Natural Hair Journey

The social media natural hair craze is a pool of textures and personalities from all races and ethnicities, and it’s an inspiring thing to watch. As teenagers or twenty-somethings before the natural hair craze began, some of our main goals in life were to blend in. It was a crucial time for us to develop personal style… and then most of us caught on to eventually let our hair grow up and out! Ginelle, one our awesome Funky Junkies can relate! Keep  reading for more of her inspiring story!

Ginelle is creative and charismatic, hailing from New York city, with a knack for drawing, dancing and writing. She loves to travel and is ofter on the go. We’ll note these are near-perfect criteria for the typical Funky Junky. you guys are awesome!

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She started her natural hair journey back in July of 2016 by transitioning her previously straightened, processed tresses.

“Honestly, I was tired of straightening my hair and having two different hair textures due to chemical treatments since the age of 12,” she said. “My crown area was filled with my natural curls that were growing in, the rest was heat damaged. Before transitioning, I experimented with my hair. I cut my hair several times to include having it above shoulder length. I also had orange hair due to a bad experience at a hair salon. After deciding to go natural, I transitioned for a little over a year. Braid outs, flexi rod sets, finger coils and braids were my go to styles to mask both textures.”

Later that year, Ginelle had her stylist cut off a whopping 8 inches from her tailbone-length hair, and a full on curly girl was born again!

“A few months later, I was ready to big chop, and on March 17, 2018 my stylist cut off the rest of my damaged hair,” she said. “That day was one of the best days of my life. I felt free, empowered and ready to conquer the world.” It is our hope that all naturalistas experience this feeling!

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Ginelle saw the magic of Uncle Funky’s Daughter for the first time on YouTube, and hasn’t turned back since.

“Brands like Uncle Funky’s Daughter make transitioning and being natural fun and exciting,” she said. Achieving amazing results contributes to the happiness and confidence you feel when having a great hair day. These products have been my go to products when I want and need mind-blowing results. Uncle Funky’s Daughter travel size packaging is also very convenient. It has made my out of town weekend trips a breeze.”

One of Ginelle’s fave quotes is ” Embrace Your Crown,” which means more than hair, it’s about self-love & acceptance. Being yourself is the best decision anyone can make, and it’s something she lives by that we definitely want to translate to you! Stay tuned to our social media, and be sure to tag us to be featured here on our platform, and thanks for reading, as always!




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