Chime Edwards’ Time-Saving Styles for College Girls

Your alarm just went off. You groggily pull yourself off of your mattress. Open textbooks and biology notes are scattered across your tiny twin-sized bed. A quick glance toward your beside mirror reveals that, yes, you have indeed done it again – fallen asleep in the midst of studying without prepping your hair for the following day. With only 40 minutes to get ready for class, you frantically leap out of bed, hands grasping at your wayward strands in an attempt to figure out what you’re going to do about the atrocity on your head. To make matters worse, your Read More

Chime Edwards – Damaged Hair, Undamaged Heart

“We should just get married. Not wait,” John blurted out of nowhere. I was shocked and concerned, but I could feel a smile rise up from my stomach, past my heart and throat chakras and onto my lips.   My response? “Wait. What?” We had spoken about having a wedding without people present before. I’ve always thought it was insanely romantic! I’m the kind of girl who lives for the scene in the biopic Selena, where she’s riding in the car with the top down celebrating her elopement with her boyfriend. Our plan was to wait another year or two Read More

5 Steps To Maintain Moisture While Styling

Ladies, I’m sure you can relate to this scenario. You’ve just put the finishing touches on your fresh bantu knot out or perfectly defined twist out. You go about your day as usual and get tons of compliments on your curls. You’re kinda feelin’ yourself, right? However, when you get home and actually feel your hair, you realize it’s drier than the heels of your granddaddy’s feet. Ughhhh! So, the question is, ladies: how can we maintain a beautifully defined style without sucking all of the moisture out of our strands simultaneously? Here are a few tips to help you Read More