4 Tips for Wedding Fashion Etiquette

It’s wedding season and that means cute hair and cute outfits! You ALWAYS want to look your best when it comes to a wedding. If you’re single….let’s just say the possibilities are endless! All jokes aside, looking your best should always be the goal. Let’s explore a few ways you can achieve your best hair and style all wedding season long.  Keep your hair moisturized: It’s important to make sure your waves, kinks and curls don’t appear to look dry and crunchy. Outdoor weddings are especially dangerous due to the sun’s UV rays. I like to use Thirsty Curls or Midnite Train to retain the moisture in my hair while outside. Read More

Kala Garner’s Hair Color Tips for the Summer

Have you ever, or are you currently considering coloring your natural hair? As the seasons change, so do our styles – and coloring your hair can be a great way to spruce up your look, especially for the summertime. Of course, that can be a major decision, and our choice to do so is usually predicated on our ability to answer these questions: Is color safe? Which colors work best on dark natural hair? How do I care for my color-treated curls? Last summer, I got the color-itch. I decided to go brighter and loved it. Well now, the color-itch Read More

Kala’s Big Chop!

“What made you cut your hair?”  “Why would you want to start over?” These were questions I was consistently asked after announcing that I was planning a Big Chop (BC) on my 32nd birthday. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat — virtually every social media platform I had a presence on — had a theme of, “Why is Kala cutting off her hair?” Honestly, I expected a few questions, but not as many I as received. In addition to the questions, there were requests from followers to not move forward with the cut — to call it off! I didn’t realize how invested others were in my hair journey. Yet, as Read More