How Do You Spruce Up For Fall?

As much as I adore beaches and tanned skin, the fall season still reigns as my favorite time of the year.  I must admit, I am more of a sweater and boots kind of girl though! Colder temperatures usually cause a serious change in my skin and haircare routine.  Let’s discuss some of these alterations in this brief guide to Fall.  Fall makeup is all about warm, rich and bold tones with several shades to choose from such as burgundy, plum, brown, orange, and mustard. These tones can be applied to your eyes, lips, nails and hair…if you are feeling that Read More

Angela Walker’s Do’s & Don’ts of Daddy-Daughter Hairstyling

One of the most underrated and under-discussed facets of fatherhood is that gut-check moment when it comes time for daddy to do his little girl’s hair. This can be a tricky situation all-around – between the clueless papa, the tender-headed baby girl and the disapproving reviews from mama at the end of the day. There might not be a tougher spot that a father could ever be in. But there is hope! For any and all men who want to do better when a little girl is left in your care – whether you’re her dad, her uncle, her godfather Read More