Overcoming the Myths of Moisturizing Kinky, Colored Hair

I am a maniac when it comes to my hair being moisturized. There is literally almost nothing worse than dry brittle hair so to say moisture is important is an understatement. I’ve been using Uncle Funky’s Daughter products for over 5 years now and they haven’t let me down yet. Being a color treated natural can be strenuous to say the least, because it adds on the possibility of additional issues when absorbing products. The truth of it is, porosity of the hair changes and strands weaken leaving the hair dry and brittle. Uncle Funky’s Daughter recently added two new Read More

How to Grow Long 4C Hair

In this article, I will be sharing how I grew my type 4 hair long and how you can also do the same. As we begin the New Year, a lot of us have made resolutions. For some of us, those resolutions include taking better care of our hair so it can be healthy and grow. It’s one thing for your hair to grow, but it’s another to actually retain the length. If you’re interested in important tips to retain length and improve the overall health of your type 4 hair, here are three simple techniques I recommend you practice Read More